Rajjo 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Arjun firmly telling the family that Rajjo will stay here and that he will take responsibility for her. To Madhu and Jhilmil’s shock, Pushkar agrees with Arjun’s decision. Later, Arjun gets lemon water for Rajjo, as she didn’t eat anything. He asks Rajjo why she escaped from the ambulance, what happened in the Magardhal, and how she fainted. But Rajjo doesn’t reply. She lay on the bed and whispered to Mom.

Madhu asks Pushkar why he agreed with Arjun to keep Rajjo in this house. Pushkar says that Manorama’s spirit is after him and she can harm him, so to keep her calm, they should take care of Rajjo. Manorama says that ghosts don’t exist and says that he should reduce his alcohol consumption.

Rajjo 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Rajjo 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Pushkar asks Manorama’s spirit to scare Madhu as well since she is also involved in the plot. Madhu asks Pushkar to stop his nonsense. She refuses to tolerate Rajjo and asks him to find a solution to throw her out of the house. She leaves.

Pushkar is scared that Manorama’s spirit could be there and closes the door and window. He is stunned to suddenly see Manorama’s spirit there. He begs Manorama’s spirit to spare him. He reminds her that he is Rajjo’s father and assures her that Rajjo will be safe here.

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Rajjo, according to Manorama, has become the living dead and will remain so until she learns the truth about her mother. So she urges Pushkar to tell Rajjo how he killed her; he is Rajjo’s biological dad. Pushkar refuses. Manorama threatens to torture him if he doesn’t confess the truth.

Pushkar is frightened and throws the lantern toward Manorama. He runs from there. But the room catches fire, and Manorama gets stuck inside. She thinks that she can’t shout, or else everyone will know that she’s alive. Someone enters the room through the window and helps Manorama get out of the room.

It turns out to be Rajjo. Rajjo and Manorama smiled, looked at each other, and hugged. Rajjo asks Manorama if their plan is working. She says that it’s working perfectly, and Pushkar is scared to death. The laugh. They hide when they hear footsteps approaching. They come out when they don’t hear the footsteps. They put out the fire.

Rajjo says to Manorama how much she missed her and suffered when she went missing. Rajjo says how she felt when the lady gave her Manorama’s blood-stained shoes. A FB shows. Manorama pulls up Rajjo, who is hanging off the edge of the cliff. Rajjo is overjoyed to see Manorama in good health. She hugs a crying Rajjo. She asks Manorama why she has come to this village and why she has gone to the Magarthal that night.

Manorama says that it’s Pushkar’s plan to kill her, which shocks Rajjo. She narrates to Rajjo what happened that night. Rajjo asks how she escaped from the dangerous crocodiles. Manorama says that the villagers saved her and took care of her when she was unconscious. Rajjo hugs Manorama. Rajjo thanks the lady and the villagers. The lady says that Rajjo’s faith saved her mom. The villagers take leave. Rajjo asks Manorama why Pushkar wanted to kill her. Manorama is about to say the truth.

Rajjo 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

A villager arrives there and says that a young man has come in a white car. Rajjo gets happy and says that she was sure that Arjun wouldn’t leave her side. She’s about to leave to fetch Arjun. But Manorama stops Rajjo. She asks the villager to distract Arjun for a while. Manorama says to Rajjo that Arjun won’t believe without any proof as Pushkar is his relative and Kalindi is her sister-in-law.

She adds that Arjun will be forced to choose between Rajjo and his family if he believes her words. She asks Rajjo if she wants to hurt Arjun. She says that she doesn’t want to be the one to break the trust in Rajjo and Arjun’s relationship. She says that they should first collect proof against Pushkar.


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