Rajjo 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Rajjo asking a lady about Manorama. The lady takes out a pair of shoes with blood stains. Rajjo recognizes them as Manorama’s shoes and is shocked to see the blood spots on them. She refuses to accept that something bad happened to her mom. She walks backward.

She stumbles and falls down the cliff, shocking the lady. At Thakur’s house, Siya, Madhu, Niharika, and Chirag request that Arjun cut his birthday cake for the family’s sake. But Arjun refuses to cut it till Rajjo gets well and returns home. He leaves.

Rajjo 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Rajjo 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Later, in the room, Arjun grows worried about Rajjo. He calls the mental hospital where Rajjo is supposed to be admitted. The receptionist first lies to Arjun by saying that Rajjo is getting treated. Arjun threatens her and urges her to make him talk to Rajjo. The receptionist gets scared and tells the truth to Arjun.

She says that Rajjo attacked the ward boys when she was on the way and escaped. Arjun is shocked to learn this. He wonders whether Rajjo has gone to Magardhal searching for her mom. Arjun grows worried about Rajjo. He decides to use Rajjo’s method to find her. He secretly gets out of the house through the balcony and goes to find her.

Meanwhile, Madhu meets Pushkar. The latter celebrates getting rid of Rajjo and Manorama. He believes Rajjo is unable to leave the mental hospital and discovers that they murdered Manorama. However, Madhu is worried as Rajjo is courageous and strong-minded.

Pushkar says that Manorama is Rajjo’s strength, and they have snatched it from her, so she can’t do anything. Madhu then talks about Arjun refusing to celebrate his birthday because of Rajjo. Pushkar asks Madhu to give Arjun some time to forget Rajjo.

Meanwhile, Arjun reaches the forest, searching for Rajjo. He spots an unconscious Rajjo. Arjun rushes to her and tries to wake her up. Arjun regrets leaving Rajjo alone. He cries and apologizes to her. On the other hand, Pushkar gets scared when the champagne bottle shatters into pieces when it’s placed on the sofa table. Madhu says to Pushkar that he is intoxicated, so he is hallucinating. She leaves.

Pushkar convinces himself that he is getting scared for no reason as Rajjo can’t come out of the mental hospital and Manorama is dead. Suddenly, the lights start to flicker. Pushkar gets frightened when Manorama’s reflection in the mirror appears in white clothes and asks what he did with his daughter. Here, Rajjo gains consciousness. Arjun hugs her and promises never to leave her alone. Arjun takes Rajjo with him.

Meanwhile, Pushkar phones the doctor to make sure that Rajjo is in the hospital. He is shocked to learn that Rajjo has escaped. He wonders where Rajjo is. Here, Arjun gives Rajjo a stick and asks her to punish him for sending her to the hospital. Rajjo drops the stick and looks at Arjun, which confuses the latter. There, Pushkar says to Madhu that he saw Manorama’s ghost.

Rajjo 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Madhu refuses to believe it and laughs at Pushkar. She’s shocked, and when Pushkar says that Rajjo escaped from the hospital, Madhu scolds Pushkar for failing to keep Rajjo in the hospital.

They are shocked when Arjun brings Rajjo back home. Madhu tries to manipulate Arjun by telling him that Rajjo can harm any of them again and requests that he return Rajjo to the hospital for the sake of the family. But Arjun firmly refuses to send Rajjo back to the hospital, as she’s not safe there.


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