Rajjo 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Niharika saying that Rajjo accepted her offer to join her team, so hereafter Rajjo is her team member in the academy. She says that she made a deal with Rajjo as she got a good competitor for her after a long time. Madhu mocks Pushka about Pushkar’s legal daughter helping his illegal daughter.

Niharika says that Rajjo has to practice with her, so Rajjo refuses to go out with Arjun. Pushkar makes an excuse and takes Niharika from there to talk. Rajjo thinks that she wants to go out with Arjun, but she can’t because of her training. Arjun thinks that Rajjo doesn’t want to go out with him alone.

Rajjo 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update

Pushkar asks Niharika why she accepted her in her team despite his disqualifying her. He says that Rajjo is a bad girl and troubled Madhu. Niharika says that Rajjo is talented and would have beaten her in the race if there wasn’t the current wire. She took her in her team so that she could stay with the best competitor and learn.

Pushkar folds his hands in front of Niharika and asks her to stay away from Rajjo. Niharika asks Pushkar why he has a problem with Rajjo when the Thakurs don’t have any. She asks if he has any past with Rajjo. There, Manorama is worried that Rajjo went to Pushkar’s house. She prays to God for Rajjo’s safety as she doubts that Pushkar can harm her.

Here, Pushkar says to Niharika that he wants to help the Thakurs, who want Rajjo to fulfill a daughter-in-law’s duties. He says that even Arjun wants to spend time with Rajjo alone and asks Niharika why she is interrupting them. Niharika says that Rajjo is very good at running and asks why everyone, especially Pushkar, wants to stop her. Niharika asks Pushkar to stop it. She says that she doesn’t like it. She leaves. Pushkar says that Niharika can never change. She can never become Kalindi.

Rajjo and Arjun see the trophies and the medals won by Niharika. Arjun says to Rajjo that one day she will also win a lot of medals and trophies. Madhu talks to Pushkar about Niharika spoiling their plan of preventing Rajjo from running. Pushkar assures Madhu to make Rajjo hate running. Madhu asks Pushkar to do it fast. She asks him to handle Niharika while she will handle Rajjo.

Pushkar thinks of dealing with Rajjo and Manorama as his secret will get exposed if they stay there. Manorama decides to do something at any cost to bring Rajjo and Arjun closer that night. Arjun asks Rajjo why she didn’t tell him about Niharika’s deal. Rajjo says that she wanted to tell him, but she couldn’t as Manorama arrived and asked her to get ready.

Rajjo says that she has become a burden to him and she’s disturbing him with everything, so she has decided not to leave any opportunities that she will get to prove herself. Arjun asks if she won’t need his help with anything. Rajjo says that she needs his help, but she can’t put all her burden on him as her mom said it’s wrong to do that. Rajjo says that she doesn’t want to hurt him.

Arjun says that this hurts him a lot. Rajjo says sorry and says that she only knows what she wants. Arjun says that she doesn’t know what he wants, so she hurts him so much. On the other hand, Kalindi and Chirag have a discussion and recall their romantic moments during college time. Here, Rajjo and Arjun apologize to each other.

Arjun says that he agreed to marry Rajjo as he wanted. He says that he wants Rajjo to become independent and make her own decisions, but asks her to share them with her. He compliments her appearance and leaves. Rajjo smiles.

Chirag asks Kalindi to go for a long drive. Kalindi receives Rocky’s call. She hides from Chirag. She refuses Chirag by giving some excuse. Rajjo sees this and thinks of doing something to bring them closer. Later, Thakurs sit and discuss. Manorama asks Rajjo to Pushkar’s farmhouse with Arjun during the weekend. She advises Rajjo to give time to her relationship with Arjun too, along with her running practice. Rajjo says that Arjun said that she has to practice even on the weekends and Niharika also told her responsibilities have increased.

Rajjo 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update

However, Manorama insists Rajjo go on honeymoon with Arjun. The Thakurs laugh when Rajjo asks what honeymoon is. Jhilmil wants to explain it to her, but Manorama says to Rajjo that on their honeymoon the couple goes out and eats food. Rajjo agrees as it has been a long time since she had snacks and pakode.

Arjun arrives there drinking coffee. He spills it when Rajjo excitedly tells Arjun about going on his honeymoon. Thakurs laugh. Rajjo wants Chirag and Kalindi to come along with them. Madhu, Chirag, and Kalindi say that they will go later. But Rajjo gets adamant and refuses to go on honeymoon without Kalindi and Chirag.

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