Rajjo 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Rajjo becoming adamant to go on the honeymoon trip with Chirag and Kalindi. Kalindi keeps receiving Rocky’s calls. Kalindi keeps rejecting it. Chirag asks Arjun to make Rajjo understand. Arjun takes Rajjo aside and explains to her that only two people will go on their honeymoon. Rajjo refuses to accept it. She urges Arjun to convince Chirag and Kalindi to go along with them. She says that they will visit the places in the morning and will take a room at night and stay together. They will play anthakshari game.

Arjun tries to make Rajjo understand that only married couples go on a honeymoon, but in vain. Rajjo requests Arjun to take her on his honeymoon as she never went. Arjun agrees. Rajjo becomes happy and hugs Arjun. Arjun smiles. Arjun advises Rajjo to ask her mom about what will happen on the honeymoon. Rajjo agrees. Arjun is amused to see Rajjo’s reaction after knowing what will happen on the honeymoon.

Rajjo 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo is shocked when Manorama explains that couples consummate their marriage on honeymoon. Rajjo feels embarrassed about urging Arjun to take her on their honeymoon. Manorama says that she shouldn’t feel so as Arjun is her husband. Rajjo says that Madhu and Manorama think about the future of her and Arjun’s relationship, but Arjun doesn’t think so. Manorama asks Rajjo if she loves Arjun. Rajjo stays silent. Rajjo says that even Chirag says that Arjun loves her, but it’s not true.

Rajjo says that Arjun loved Urvashi and wanted to marry her, but he was trapped with her in this forced marriage, and he doesn’t want to stay in this relationship forever. She says that he just wants to make her an athlete, so he is with her. Manorama says to Rajjo that she is having a misconception. She says that if Arjun didn’t want to take their relationship ahead, he would have agreed to go on honeymoon with her.

She advises Rajjo that he is trying to take a step forward and asks Rajjo to do the same. She reminds Rajjo how Arjun fights the world for her. This is love. She advises Rajjo to confess her love for Arjun in front of him when they go on their honeymoon so that Arjun also confesses his feelings for her.

Rajjo and Kalindi are putting the luggage in the car’s boot. Kalindi tells Rajjo how special a honeymoon is for a couple and they should spend it alone away from the daily routine and family tension. However, Rajjo wants Kalindi and Chirag to accompany them. She asks Kalindi to forget Rocky and mend her relationship with Chirag. Just then, Kalindi notices Rocky hiding behind the garden. He goes to talk to him. She takes Rocky aside on seeing Chirag and Arjun. Kalindi asks Rocky to go away as everything is over between them.

Rajjo 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rocky grabs Kalindi’s shoulders harshly. He refuses to accept his insult and silently walks away from Kalindi’s life. He demands Kalindi return to his life. Kalindi refuses and warns him not to show his face to her again. Chirag asks Kalindi where she went. Kalindi lies that she went to receive Sia’s dance teacher’s call.

Arjun-Rajjo and Chirag-Kalindi leave in separate cars. Arjun and Rajjo wonder what will happen after reaching their honeymoon destination. Rajjo and Arjun are on the way. They play the song. They feel awkward when romantic songs play. Rajjo and Arjun keep changing the song. Rajjo smiles when Hawayein’s song plays. They look at each other. Arjun stops Rajjo from changing the song.

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