Rajjo 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Rajjo finding Arjun angrily punching the bag. She says to Arjun that his silence says that he doesn’t trust her. She says that it’s a matter of perspective. He considers one to be true, while she considers something else to be true. Madhu hears this and thinks of not letting Arjun influence Rajjo.

She intervenes and says to Rajjo that her perspective is wrong. She says that Rajjo started to hallucinate out of fear. She says that she also acted the same way due to Guruma’s influence on her. She says that Rajjo might have been traumatized and started to have strange hallucinations because Manorama left for the village without telling her.

Rajjo 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update
Rajjo 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo denies it and says that she’s telling the truth about what she saw. She goes on to say that Madhu is well aware of what happened to Manorama and Nangu, which she conceals from them. Arjun reminds Rajjo that they have decided to give a new beginning to their relationship, but she’s destroying the family instead of doing it.

Rajjo refuses to lay a new foundation for their relationship when the truth is suppressed by lies. She refuses to stop until she gets answers to her questions. Rajjo leaves. Madhu tries to convince Arjun that Rajjo has been traumatized and she’s losing her mental balance. She says that Rajjo needs the help of a psychiatrist who can treat her.

Rajjo feels that she’s trapped in a labyrinth and wonders what to do. Madhu says to Jhilmil that they have to make Rajjo more paranoid until everyone in the family considers her mentally ill. She says that then she will throw Rajjo out of the house and out of Arjun’s life. Jhilmil wishes that Arjun throws Rajjo out of the house. Madhu says that Arjun is too good, so he will never remove Rajjo from the house, so she should do it.

Niharika arrives. She meets Rajjo. She reassured Rajjo that Manorama would be fine. Rajjo asks if Kalindi told her. Niharika says that Arjun called her. Rajjo says that Arjun calls Niharika whenever Arjun is disturbed because of her. Niharika says that they knew each other for a long time, and their family bonds are strong, so he is comfortable with her.

She advises Rajjo to give time to her and Arjun’s relationship so that their relationship can mature and they can understand each other well. Rajjo asks Niharika if Arjun said something to her that she doesn’t know. Niharika says that Arjun asked her to convince Pushkar to apologize to Rajjo and Manorama for what happened in the academy and asked her not to tell her. But Pushkar wasn’t convinced. Rajjo says that she doesn’t need Pushkar’s apology.

Niharika is about to leave. Niharika stumbles and falls. Niharika’s hand gets injured, and it bleeds. Niharika screams due to the pain and asks Rajjo to get ice water for her. Rajjo runs to the kitchen, but she doesn’t find ice cubes or water in the fridge. Niharika asks to get Kalindi’s sipper, as she always keeps ice water in it. Madhu exchanges the bottles.

Rajjo takes it without checking it. The sipper has hot water, and Niharika’s hand gets burned when she pours that water over the injury. Niharika screams in pain and scolds Rajjo. Madhu goes there. She exchanges the bottles again. She sends Rajjo to get a first-aid box for Niharika. She asks Rajjo to take the bottles with her. Rajjo obliges.

Rajjo 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo sees that the sipper has cold water and misunderstands that Niharika is lying. Madhu and Jhilmil talk loudly so that Rajjo can hear them. They say that Niharika is also involved in their plan, and she’s pretending to be injured so that she can take Rajjo to the mental hospital for treatment. They claim that only three people knew Manorama was in the storeroom and that they planned to kill her.

Rajjo becomes angry after hearing this. She empties the ointment. Rajjo goes to Niharika and gives her the empty ointment. Madhu and Jhilmil watch this and get disappointed that Rajjo didn’t create any scenes as they expected. Rajjo asks Niharika to get the ointment from the storeroom. Rajjo thinks of not leaving the house or blaming Niharika until she finds Manorama. She doubts that Madhu is behind all this.


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