Rajjo 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Niharika demeaning Rajjo, which angers Arjun. Manorama intervenes to calm Arjun down. She gives them sweets. Later, Arjun attempts to locate Amit’s phone number on Niharika’s phone. Niharika catches Arjun red-handed. She asks Arjun what he is doing with her phone. Arjun lies, but Niharika doesn’t believe him.

She says that she knows that Arjun only loves Rajjo and can’t forget her. Arjun puts on a show. He admits that he loves Rajjo, but he loves his family more. He can’t stay without his family. He makes Niharika believe that he wants to move on in life with her, forgetting Rajjo. He asks Niharika to trust him. Niharika agrees. 

Rajjo 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Rajjo 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Later, Rajjo happily hugs Arjun when he gives her Amit’s phone number. Rajjo asks Arjun how he got it, and he said Niharika arrived there. Arjun tells her what happened. Rajjo dials that number and finds that it’s not reachable. Arjun says that he checked Amit’s social media, but everything was protected, so he couldn’t find any details. Rajjo recalls the waiter’s words.

She says to Arjun that Amit seems to be a hockey player, and there’s a hockey game in Pushkar’s academy. She says that Niharika might have met Amit there. She decides to go to Pushkar Academy to get details about Amit. Arjun wants to accompany Rajjo. The latter asks him to stay at home. Arjun is worried about Rajjo, as Pushkar can recognize him. Rajjo assures him that she will handle him. She leaves. 

Rajjo searches for Amit’s file in the record room. She finds his file before she can take its photo. Pushkar arrives there. Rajjo drops the file and hides. Pushkar notices the file lying on the floor. He notifies the peon of the same. Rajjo feels relieved when Pushkar misses seeing her. Niharika and Arjun’s mehendi function begins. Niharika grows suspicious when she finds a maid is missing (Rajjo). Jhilmil thinks it’s a good thing that Rajjo left. Madhu scolds Jhilmil for taking Rajjo’s name on such an occasion.

Arjun arrives, drums in hand. He suggests playing Antakshari. Niharika agrees. They sing songs. Arjun says that Niharika is going to lose when she’s unable to find a song that starts with the letter E. Just then, Rajjo arrives in disguise and sings the song “Ek dil ek jaan.” Prathap asks Rajjo to remove the empty glasses.

Rajjo goes to Arjun. She whispers to him that she has details about Amit. Arjun coughs. Arjun teases Rajjo by holding her hand. Niharika becomes suspicious and requests that Kalindi investigate the red dupatta girl (Rajjo). Kalindi obliges. Arjun hears this. Arjun saves Rajjo by giving that red dupatta to another girl. Kalindi checks the girl’s face.

Arjun tries to get romantic with Rajjo, while the latter worries about not being able to find Amit. Arjun applies mehndi to Rajjo’s hand. He writes his name on her palm with mehndi. Rajjo writes only her first name’s first letter on Arjun’s palm so that Niharika doesn’t find it out. Arjun says that he is even ready to go to jail again, but he refuses to marry Niharika. Just then, Niharika arrives there, searching for Arjun.


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