Rajjo 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Thakurs praising the dishes prepared by Rajjo. Swara asks Rajjo for the cheese recipe dish. But Rajjo says that she can’t tell the recipe to anyone because she doesn’t know how to cook it. She reveals that Madu ordered them from outside as she knows that she doesn’t know how to make these dishes. She did this so that they didn’t rebuke her or make fun of her.

Rajjo thanks Madhu and says that she can’t lie. Madhu says that it’s fine and says that it’s her mistake that she didn’t tell them that she didn’t make any dishes. Rajjo says that she made mountain dishes. Manorama watches this hiding and smiles. Thakurs get excited to hear this and want to have the dishes made by Rajjo. Rajjo gets the dishes alone. Arjun helps Rajjo.

Rajjo 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Rajjo tells the Thakurs how Manorama used to cook fish curry for her with the fish that she didn’t sell in the market. Rajjo further says that she wanted to cook something for them with all her heart, so she prepared this dish that her mom used to make. Thakurs make faces. Rajjo gets sad to see this. Arjun asks Rajjo to serve him the dish. Rajjo obliges and gives the served plate to Arjun. Chirag clicks a photo of it. Rajjo asks Arjun to use his hands to eat. Sia says that Arjun always uses a spoon to eat. Arjun says that he can use his hand for a change. Chirag teases Arjun.

Arjun asks him to shut up and have food. Madhu also sits to taste the dish made by Rajjo. Everyone eats the dishes and coughs. They drink water. Rajjo looks confused at first, but then she understands that the dish is too spicy for the Thakurs. Arjun says that the food is tasty, but asks her to give him the chili separately next time. The Thakurs laugh. Karthik asks Rajjo to get sweets for them. Rajjo obliges. Just then, Pushkar arrives there. Arjun asks Pushkar to have the sweet first, then they will talk.

Manorama is shocked to see Pushkar and gestures to Madhu. Madhu makes an excuse and goes to Manorama to talk. Manorama asks Madhu why she invited Pushkar. She says that Pushkar is a threat to Rajjo. Madhu says that she won’t let Pushkar harm Rajjo, as if she gets harmed it means Arjun will also get harmed. Madhu acts like she’s helpless and can’t prevent Pushkar from coming here as he is Kalindi’s dad and Chirag’s father-in-law.

Arjun says to Pushkar that he wants to get Rajjo’s admission done in his sports academy. Pushkar is shocked and calls Rajjo using names. Arjun reminds Pushkar that Rajjo is his wife and she has as much respect as anyone in the family, so he asks Pushkar to call her by her name and not any other name. Pushkar agrees. Arjun says to Pushkar that Rajjo is very talented and that if she has been given good training, she can become a good runner. He says that Rajjo’s dream is to become a runner and to fulfill her dream is his dream. He requests Pushkar to help him.

Pushkar agrees so that he can have Rajjo under his control. Arjun thanks Pushkar. However, Pushkar says that Rajjo has to prove herself to get admission and undergo all the tests like others, but it won’t be easy. He advises Arjun to keep her busy in the kitchen instead of trying to make her a runner. Arjun refuses to let Rajjo’s dream break. He gives Pushkar the guarantee that Rajjo will be ready for any test and will have a record-breaking win. He says that Rajjo can compete with anyone, but no one will survive against her.

Rajjo 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Pushkar reminds Arjun that the best athletes get trained in his academy. Arjun challenges Pushkar to ask them to defeat Rajjo. Pushkar agrees to enroll Rajjo in his academy on Sunday. Arjun agrees. Pushkar says that a girl ran 400 meters and her record is 48.9 seconds. He says that Rajjo can’t break this record, but still wishes Arjun and Rajjo luck. He leaves.

Pushkar comes across Manorama. He mocks her. Manorama gives him a befitting reply. Pushkar says to Manorama that Arjun asked him to enroll Rajjo in his sports academy, which is under his control and threatens Manorama. He says that he can easily harm Rajjo in his academy.

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