Rajjo 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Arjun helping Rajjo in her practice. Dheere Dheere song plays in the BG. Arjun gives Rajjo milk and she makes a face before drinking it. Madhu and Jhilmil watch this. Madhu complains about Rajjo practicing her running on the next day of her wedding. Jhilmil compares Arjun and Rajjo to the railway tracks.

Madhu says that the railway tracks never meet and wonders when Arjun and Rajjo get close. Jhilmil asks Madhu to be patient and teases her. Madhu angrily leaves. Arjun says to Rajjo that she should practice regularly and work on her every weakness Rajjo says that she will manage it alone and asks Arjun to focus on his work and not to stop for her.

Rajjo 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Rajjo says that she can’t expect him to do everything for her. Arjun says that Rajjo needs a special coach and asks her to get enrolled in Pushkar’s academy. He says that it’s a huge academy in Lucknow and produced the best athlete so far, she can go there but it’s difficult to get admission there. Rajjo says that Pushkar dislikes her.

Arjun says that he will talk to Pushkar. Rajjo says that it will be done if he says and adds that she trusts him. Madhu arrives and asks Rajjo to complete her first rasoi ritual and adds that everyone is waiting without food. She asks Rajjo to do fast as Jhilmil can’t bear the hunger even if Sia can. She asks Rajjo to handle everything from now on as she’s Thakurs’ daughter-in-law.

Pushkar and his son discuss Rajjo. Pushkar says that today is Rajjo’s first rasoi and Arjun sought his help for Rajjo and plans to use it against Rajjo. Madhu talks sweetly to Rajjo and assures her to pamper her. Madhu takes Rajjo with her. Arjun worries about how Rajjo will practice if she gets busy with household work. Jhilmil watches this. She finds it suspicious that Madhu who used to hate Rajjo, acts nicely with her all of a sudden. She decides to find it out.

Madhu takes Rajjo to the kitchen and talks to her very sweetly. She asks Rajjo to make a sweet dish and breakfast for everyone. She leaves. Rajjo gets worried about how to prepare everything alone as Swara used to always cook while she only helped her. Pushkar watches this and asks Madhu why she’s pretending to be a good mother-in-law. Madhu says that she has to bring Rajjo and Arjun close to each other and for that, she has to fool Rajjo.

Swara and Kalinidi tease Rajjo when she seeks their help to cook. They refuse to help her and leave. Rajjo decides to take Manorama’s help. Pushkar and Madhu are walking in the corridor. Pushkar says that Madhu played a smart game. Jhilmil asks Swara why Madhu suddenly starts to treat Rajjo nicely. She asks what Madhu was doing when she went to her room after Urvashi got arrested Swara says that Madhu was on a call with Guruma. Jhilmil wonders what Guruma told that Madhu directly come downstairs and accepted Rajjo as Arjun’s wife.

Rajjo goes to Manorama. She finds her packing her bag. Rajjo asks Manorama where she’s going. She starts to speak fastly due to nervousness. She refuses Manorama to go anywhere leaving her alone. Manorama calms her down and says that they will talk about it when she will go, she’s not leaving now. She asks Rajjo why she looks scared. Rajjo says that she has to prepare food for the Thakurs, but she doesn’t know to cook the dishes for the rich people.

Rajjo 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update

She blabbers out of nervousness. Manorama calms Rajjo down. She advises Rajjo to cook some dishes that she likes. She asks Rajjo to create a new identity for herself by joining the Thakurs family. She adds that if she adopts to their ways, they will also to hers. She asks Rajjo to dominate in the kitchen too as she dominates on the running ground and shows the Thakurs the taste of mountains.

Rajjo goes downstairs and is shocked to find many dishes on the breakfast table. Thakurs think that Rajjo made them. Chirag praises Rajjo for making a lot of dishes in less time. Rajjo asks Madhu about it. Madhu says that she realized that Rajjo wouldn’t be able to prepare breakfast for so many people in I short time, so she ordered the food online as she doesn’t want anyone to criticize her. Madhu asks Rajjo to serve food to everyone. Arjun thinks that Rajjo can’t cook all these dishes and wonders who made all these dishes.

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