Rajjo 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Arjun asking Madhu what she fed Rajjo. Madhu says nothing. She says that Rajjo returned home tired from the academy and was sweating, so she decked her up in new clothes along with Jhilmil. Arjun asks Madhu if there’s anything else. Chirag asks the doctor what caused the allergy. Rajjo’s allergies could have been caused by a variety of factors, including perfume’s fragrance, according to the doctor.

Arjun asks Madhu again what she gave Rajjo. He says that Rajjo could have died because of her allergy. She demands an answer from Madhu. Madhu lies for nothing and says that Rajjo was doing something with her perfume and that maybe she got the allergy from it. Manorama intervenes and says that Rajjo is allergic to mogra flowers. Arjun recalls Madhu’s words and glares at Madhu.

Rajjo 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update
Rajjo 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo gains consciousness and calls out to Arjun. Chirag takes out the doctor to get the prescription for Rajjo. Manorama declares that Rajjo will stay in her room till she gets well, and she won’t meet anyone alone. Chirag wonders what happened to Arjun and why he was talking rudely to Madhu. He grows suspicious. Arjun goes to Madhu’s room and searches for the perfume. He finds the perfume bottle in her closet. He smells it and recalls Manorama’s words.

Madhu arrives there. Arjun confronts Madhu. He shows the perfume to her and asks her why she didn’t tell everyone about this earlier. Madhu says that she’s not Rajjo’s mom to know about allergies, and she says that she didn’t do it intentionally. Arjun angrily breaks the bottle and asks Madhu what this perfume is doing in her room while no one in the family uses it. Arjun realizes Guruma gave him the perfume, and Madhu locked Rajjo in the bathroom with him.

He scolds Madhu for that. Madhu admits that she gave the perfume to Rajjo and defends her actions by saying that he loves her son. Arjun says that her love for him could have cost Rajjo’s life. Madhu says that she doesn’t expect it. Arjun realizes Madhu wants Rajjo and him to have an intimate relationship, but his unfortunate girlfriend goes to Rajjo and dies.

Madhu says that she can’t do anything if this is her fate. Arjun argues with Madhu over Guruma. Chirag, who passes by that side, hears Guruma’s name. He is about to go inside, but Kalindi calls him to apply ointment to Rajjo. He leaves. Arjun says to Madhu that she will be responsible if Guruma’s prediction comes true and Rajjo gets into danger. Arjun is determined not to let this happen. Madhu asks Arjun what he is going to do. Arjun walks away without answering.

In the academy, Pushkar says to the nurse that Rajjo isn’t well. He asks her to give Rajjo the steroid injection instead of the vitamin injection. He further asks her to tell Rajjo to come to the academy for a blood checkup within an hour, or else she will be disqualified. Arjun packs his bag. Niharika asks Arjun if it’s necessary to leave. Arjun thanks Niharika for booking his ticket to the USA and for keeping his plan a secret.

He asks her to do one more favor for him. He gives Niharika a cover that has a blank check and asks them to give it to Rajjo so that she can pay the academy fees with it and fulfill her essential needs. He asks Niharika not to tell Rajjo that they’re from him, as she won’t accept them. She’s self-independent. Niharika agrees. Niharika asks Arjun why he is going away from Rajjo when he loves her so much. She asks him not to go. Arjun asks her to take the checks as he is getting late. Niharika agrees and leaves.

Manorama thanks God that Rajjo is fine and tries to feed her fruits. Just then, the nurse arrives is fine and tries to feed her fruits. Just then, the nurse arrives. She says that she was sent by the academy to give her a vitamin injection, knowing that she wasn’t well. The nurse gives Rajjo the steroid injection. She asks Rajjo to go to the academy for a blood check-up.

Rajjo asks why. The nurse says to find out if any of the players used any of the restricted boosters. Manorama says that Rajjo isn’t well, and the race is next week. The nurse says that it’s a free blood checkup organized by the academy, and if they do it outside, they have to pay the fees. She adds that Rajjo can’t take part in the race without completing a blood checkup. Rajjo agrees to go to the academy and convinces Manorama to do the same.

Rajjo goes to Arjun to thank him for saving her life. Arjun says that it’s not a big deal, as he would have done with someone else in her place. Rajjo notices that Arjun’s toe is hurt and understands that he should have gotten hurt while breaking the washroom door. She wants to treat his wound and wants to enter his room for it. But Arjun refuses. He refuses to take help from Rajjo. Rajjo wants to return the favor. Arjun asks Rajjo to stay away from him. Rajjo asks Arjun to shut up. Rajjo asks Arjun why he saved her if he hates her so much and wants to get rid of her.

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