Rajjo 15th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 15th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Pushkar overhears the other coach talking about Manorama and wonders who Rajjo’s father is. He doubts it could be someone from the academy, and he is still here. Pushkar grows anxious about getting exposed and thinks of throwing Manorama and Rajjo out of the academy before that. Rajjo and Manorama return home. Rajjo goes to see Madhu, as she hasn’t seen her since she left for the academy. Rajjo is surprised to see a lot of gifts placed in Madhu’s room.

She inquires as to whether Madhu’s birthday falls on that day. Madhu says no and says that they received it on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. She says that she got clothes and jewelry for her. She promises to prepare herself so that she can perform the evening puja as Rajjo Arjun Thakur.

Rajjo 15th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo finds Madhu fine, so she wants to tell her that there’s no relationship between her and Arjun now. Madhu understands this and pretends to feel dizzy. She says she forgot to take her blood pressure tablet. Rajjo wants to get it. Madhu says that it’s in her room; she will take it. She says that Rajjo is the medicine for tension and insists on getting her ready. She persuades Rajjo by citing her health as an excuse.

Madhu dresses Rajjo in a red saree. Rajjo finds that Madhu overdid it. Madhu denies. She wants to apply flowers to her hair, but Rajjo refuses. She says that she doesn’t want to look like a flashy girl. She applies the perfume given by Guruma on Rajjo’s wrists and behind her ears. A FB shows. Jhilmil hands the perfume to Madhu, explaining that it is a special perfume and that Guruma instructed him to apply it to Rajjo and lock her in a room with Arjun.

She says that, then, Arjun and Rajjo will grow closer due to the effect of this perfume. FB ends. Rajjo sneezes. Madhu asks Rajjo to put the special oil she got for Arjun in his bathroom. Rajjo agrees. Meanwhile, Pushkar instructs the nurse to give Rajjo a steroid injection instead of a vitamin injection. He threatens to harm the nurse’s family and asks them to keep it secret. The nurse is scared and agrees. Here, Rajjo goes into Arjun’s washroom.

She’s about to leave after placing the oil there. Her saree gets stuck. Rajjo removes it, and it flies and falls on every face. She bumps into Arjun. Jhilmil locks the washroom. Arjun removes the saree from Rajjo’s face. Arjun laughs upon seeing her smudged eyeliner. Rajjo tries to open the door and finds it closed. She yells for help. She notices Arjun laughing nonstop and asks him why he came to see her by lying if he doesn’t find her beautiful.

Arjun lies and says that he has come to meet Pushkar for some work, not her. Rajjo says that it’s a lie, as she inquired about it. She asks him to admit that he has come to see her. Rajjo looks at her reflection in the mirror and realizes that her eyeliner is smudged. Arjun helps Rajjo fix it. Rajjo and Arjun grow closer. Rozana plays in the BG. Suddenly, Rajjo faints. Arjun is worried about Rajjo. He lifts her in his arms and tries to open the door. He finds it locked. He shatters the door. He places Rajjo in bed. Arjun calls out Chirag. Chirag and Kalindi arrive there.

Arjun asks Chirag to call the doctor. Chirag obliges. Kalindi reassures a worried Arjun. Manorama, Madhu, and Jhilmil, along with the rest of the family, arrive there. Manorama sees Rajjo’s condition and asks what’s happening in this house. She says that it seems like someone is after Rajjo’s life. Arjun asks Manorama if Rajjo has any illness related to breathing.

Manorama denies. She blames Pushkar for Rajjo’s condition. Kalindi asks Manorama why she’s blaming her dad for this. Jhilmil agrees with Kalindi and defends Pushkar. Manorama says that she knows how good he is and asks Jhilmil not to provoke her. Kalindi gets angry and warns Manorama to think and talk about her dad. Madhu asks Kalindi not to take Manorama’s words seriously, as she doesn’t mean what she says.

The doctor arrives and checks Rajjo. He says that Rajjo got allergies, due to which she was unable to breathe. He says that they did right by calling him, as it could have killed her. Manorama shouts and asks what they gave to Rajjo. She mentions Rajjo finally meeting Madhu and asks what she gave him. Arjun stands in front of Madhu and asks the same question.

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