Rajjo 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with the doctor being about to apply a bandage to Madhu’s wound on her forehead. He asks Madhu not to be scared as it’s a small wound. But Madhu asks the doctor to cover her wound with a big bandage so that it looks like a severe injury. The doctor obliges. Madhu asks the doctor to say what she told him.

The doctor goes to the family and says that Madhu has a severe injury and her BP is high due to shock. He asks the family not to give her tension, or else she could suffer a heart stroke. Arjun understands that Madhu asked the doctor to lie. The doctor says that Madhu is murmuring Rajjo’s name. Rajjo goes to meet Madhu.

Rajjo 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Madhu pretends to be unwell in front of Rajjo. She puts on an emotional act to convince Rajjo to stay. She assures Rajjo that she will support her dream of becoming a runner and will serve her. She asks Rajjo not to go away from Arjun. Manorama says to Rajjo that she will support whatever decision she takes. Manorama wonders what happened, and why Rajjo wants to leave the house. She thinks that Rajjo would be quiet if Arjun told her the truth.

There, Chirag goes to Arjun and questions him. He asks what happened between him and Rajjo. Here, Madhu sheds crocodile tears and begs Rajjo not to leave Arjun. She gives Rajjo Arjun’s swear to stop her. Rajjo gets in a dilemma. Manorama advises Rajjo to stay by accepting Madhu’s request as she’s not well. Madhu hugs Rajjo. She smirks, thinking that she can’t let Rajjo leave before saving Arjun’s life.

Arjun goes to Madhu and asks her to stop making him feel ashamed. He asks why she’s doing this. Madhu says to save Arjun from death. Arjun says that he doesn’t want to save his life by killing someone else. They argue. Madhu is determined to save Arjun’s life at any cost. Arjun says that he can’t reveal her truth to the family as he can’t see her getting humiliated, but he refuses to support Madhu, who is completely wrong according to him.

Rajjo is worried about how to face Arjun again. However, she goes inside the room. Arjun apologizes in his mind to Rajjo. He shows Rajjo her clothes and says that he will put them in another room. He says that their relationship has no future and the family also knows that they’re feeling suffocated in this relationship, so there’s no point in staying in the same room. He is about to leave. Rajjo stops Arjun. She takes her clothes from Arjun and says that she will do it alone. She walks out of the room. Arjun closes the door. Arjun and Rajjo are sad recalling their moments. Roke na ruke naina plays in the BG.

Rajjo apologizes to Manorama that she can’t return to the village as she agreed to stay there. Manorama says that everything happens for good, even though we don’t realize it at that moment. Rajjo says that she doesn’t care about it as her mom, who is her world, is with her. She says that she wants to make her name in the running field and wants to take care of Manorama. Manorama thinks of protecting Rajjo from Pushkar.

The next day, Rajjo goes to Pushkar’s academy for practice. Rajjo says to herself that Niharika told her that today everyone will get a coach and will divide into a team. Pushkar arrives and assigns a coach to every runner except Rajjo. Rajjo asks Pushkar about this. Pushkar says that her fee isn’t paid yet, so her admission has happened just for her namesake.

He assures her to take care of her diet, nutrition, and supplements, but can’t give her a coach till she pays the one lakh fee. Rajjo is shocked to hear this. Pushkar says that Arjun has a lot of money and asks her to ask him. He says that she won’t get a coach without paying the fees. Just then, Manorama arrives there dressed up like a coach and says that Rajjo has a coach.

Rajjo is happy to see Manorama in a coach’s avatar. Pushkar says that Manorama can’t become Rajjo’s coach as only the members of this academy can become coaches. Manorama reminds Pushkar that she was the coach of this academy 20 years before. She reminds him that she was the first female from his academy who had earned a state-level gold medal, so he can’t stop her from becoming a coach.

Madhu is on the call with Guruma. She tells her about Arjun’s swear. She asks Guruma what to do. Arjun snatches the phone from Madhu and scolds Guruma. He says that it’s wrong to sacrifice someone in the name of fault in the horoscope and warns her to stop this. He says that they can’t harm Rajjo till he is with her.

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