Rajjo 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Rajjo asking Pushkar why he tried to kill her mother after using her. She asks if there’s no value for humans in front of him. Pushkar says that Manorama isn’t chaste. He accuses Manorama of trapping him for money. He speaks ill of Manorama’s character, which enrages Rajjo. Rajjo slaps Pushkar. She lashes out at him.

Chirag asks the inspector to take Pushkar away. The inspector asks the name of the person who is making the complaint against Pushkar. Rajjo asks to write her name. The inspector asks Rajjo her name, her mom’s name, and her dad’s name. Rajjo refuses to tarnish her name by adding Pushkar’s name to hers. She says that her dad’s name will always be blank. She asks the inspector to take Pushkar away. Arjun goes to Rajjo. But the latter walks away.

Rajjo 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Arjun and Rajjo are in different rooms. They angrily break everything in the room. They break down in tears. Here, Manorama rushes to Rajjo and comforts her. Chirag goes to Arjun. He is shocked to find Arjun struggling to breathe. He gives Arjun his medicine. He hugs him, trying to calm him down. Here, Manorama apologizes to Rajjo for hiding the truth about Pushkar from her.

Rajjo asks Manorama not to apologize to her because of that cheap man. She says that she’s hurt that Manorama went through all this alone all these years and had to face Pushkar, who tried to kill her every day for her and Arjun’s sake. She claims that Pushkar betrayed and humiliated her, so she is doing the same to all of his relatives. She kisses Manorama’s cheek and hugs her.

Manorama says to Rajjo that as Arjun has learned the truth, everything will be fine between them now. Rajjo notices an envelope and asks Manorama if it’s for her. Manorama claims that a maid asked her to give her something. Manorama examines it and is taken aback. Rajjo asks what it is. There, Arjun feels guilty and fears that Rajjo will never forgive her.

Chirag advises Arjun to talk to Rajjo and apologize to her. He is sure that Rajjo can never break his heart, even though she’s angry with him. Arjun doesn’t move. Here, Manorama says to Rajjo that Arjun has sent her a divorce notice, which shocks Rajjo. Rajjo breaks down in tears. She says that Arjun never loved her. There, Arjun says to Chirag that Rajjo always stood by him in all difficult situations, but he failed to do so.

He regrets not trusting Rajjo. Here, Manorama scolds Rajjo for easily giving up. Manorama asks Rajjo if she can live without Arjun. There, Arjun says to Chirag that he can’t live without Rajjo. Chirag asks Arjun to say the same to Rajjo and apologize to her. Here, Manorama says that Rajjo and Arjun can’t stay apart as they’re connected to each other by their hearts and souls.

She says that these divorce papers have no value in front of their loved ones. She says that Rajjo never believed in Arjun’s love. Rajjo denies it and says that she trusts him. Manorama asks how she can believe that Arjun sent these divorce papers. There, Arjun wonders whether Rajjo will believe him. Chirag assures Arjun that she will. Niharika arrives there and says that Arjun should make an effort as Rajjo is angry with him.

Here, Rajjo says that Arjun never trusted her, so she has to prove her point to him every time. She claims that if he truly loved her, she would trust her completely. Manorama tries to make Rajjo understand that a man can’t love as a girl loves. She adds that rich and poor people love in different ways. She reminds Rajjo that Arjun wanted to go away from her for her sake, so he could have sent those papers.

Rajjo asks why not since he had already sent it once. Manorama says that at that time their relationship wasn’t so strong. She reminds Rajjo that she also signed it, but she can’t do it now. Manorama claims that Madhu, Jhilmil, or anyone else in the family could have sent these divorce papers to cause confusion between her and Arjun.


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