Rajjo 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Pushkar saying to Rajjo that she already made arrangements to kill Manorama, and now it’s her turn. Rajjo asks Pushkar where Manorama is and why he wants to kill them when they didn’t harm him. Pushkar forcibly drags Rajjo near the railing. He says that Rajjo and Manorama can ruin his life, so they have to die.

He confesses that he is her biological father. She refers to herself as unlucky and has the ability to make his life miserable. He tries to kill Rajjo by pushing her down from the terrace. Rajjo kicks Pushkar. He falls down. Rajjo lashes out at Pushkar and runs from there. Pushkar chases Rajjo.

Rajjo 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Rajjo 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo bumps into Arjun and Chirag. Pushkar hides. Arjun and Rajjo are shocked to see her there. Arjun asks Rajjo why she seems scared. They ask her what happened. Rajjo says that Pushkar hid her mom somewhere in the house, and he confessed it to her. He is a monster. Pushkar says that Rajjo and Manorama made his life hell. He thinks of doing something and leaves.

Rajjo asks Arjun to come along with her to search for Manorama. Arjun asks Rajjo why she has changed her clothes. Rajjo says that it’s not important that they find her mom. She says that Pushkar tried to kill Manorama. Arjun is unsure of what to believe. He says that Rajjo wasn’t talking to him properly and was feeling dizzy just before, and now she’s roaming the house wearing spirit clothes.

Rajjo admits that she was pretending and lying to Arjun to save her mom from Pushkar, who wants to kill her. Arjun asks Rajjo why she lied to him. Rajjo says that because Arjun didn’t trust her and didn’t understand her anxiety, he agreed to accompany her to prove her wrong. Rajjo asks Chirag to search for Pushkar on the terrace. She takes Arjun with her. Chirag wonders why Pushkar wanted to kill Rajjo’s mom.

Madhu wonders where Arjun and Chirag, who went to bring Rajjo, are. Jhilmil asks Madhu if she’s scared that Rajjo will create a new drama. Just then, Pushkar comes back and sits in the puja. Rajjo arrives there. She puts a towel around Pushkar’s neck and tries to strangle him. Arjun saves Pushkar. Kalindi wonders how Rajjo dared to do it with her father.

Rajjo demands Pushkar to tell Manorama’s whereabouts. Niharika asks what the connection is between Pushkar and what happened to Rajjo and her mom. Rajjo shouts that there’s a connection. Pushkar tries to leave from there. But Rajjo stops him. She holds his sherwani’s collar and asks him to say where Manorama is.

Pushkar harshly pushes her away. Arjun is holding Rajjo. Arjun asks Pushkar what it is. Pushkar reminds her that Rajjo attempted to murder her. He says that a woman can do anything and a man should tolerate it. Rajjo lashes out at Pushkar for using a woman like a toy and later throwing her away. Kalindi asks Rajjo to shut up. She refuses to hear a word against her dad. Rajjo says that she will criticize Pushkar because, unfortunately, he is also her dad. Pushkar denies it. Rajjo says that she has proof of it. She goes to get it.

Rajjo goes to the terrace and searches for the camera. She finds the cameras, but she realizes that the cameras are broken and the SD card is missing from the cameras. She is unsure how she will prove Pushkar’s innocence to her family. Here, Pushkar tries to leave. Arjun asks him to wait until Rajjo’s return. Madhu is surprised that Arjun takes Rajjo’s side. Arjun says that he tries to make Pushkar right. Rajjo arrives and demands that Arjun punish Pushkar. She accuses him of breaking her camera and is sure that he has the SD card.

A FB shows Pushkar breaking the camera and taking the CD card from them. Pushkar denies it and says that Rajjo lost her mind. Jhilmil, Kalindi, and Madhu say to Arjun that Rajjo is getting insane, so she’s cooking a story daily. Madhu says that Kalindi and Niharika are older than Rajjo. Rajjo claims that Pushkar lied about his marriage to Manorama and his illicit relationship with her. She claims Pushkar defrauded Manorama and his wife.

Arjun asks why Manorama hasn’t told him about this despite being here for many months. Rajjo says that maybe she thought that no one would believe her like no one is believing her. Rajjo further reveals that Pushkar caused Manorama’s accident when she came to tell them the truth. Then he tricked Manorama into going to Magarthal and tried to kill her, but the villagers saved her.


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