Rajjo 10th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 10th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Arjun and Rajjo’s romantic moment getting disturbed by the phone call on the landline. Arjun says statue to Rajjo and asks her not to move from her place till he returns. Arjun receives the call on the landline. Guruma is on call. She thinks that Madhu is on the side of the receiver and asks if the intoxicated fume worked and if Arjun and Rajjo grew closer. Arjun wonders who this lady is and why she’s talking about him and Rajjo.

Guruma asks if the plan failed. Sne says that Arjun has to get intimate with Rajjo as it’s the only way to escape from the death threat. She further says that once Arjun gives Rajjo the right to a wife, the death threat will move to Rajjo. She says that Rajjo should die to save Arjun. The latter is astonished to discover Madhu’s vile plan. He recalls Madhu’s words. The weather gets bad. Rajjo gets scared and goes to find Arjun. She doesn’t find Arjun. She finds the door open and sees the phone receiver hanging. She thinks that Arjun went out, leaving her. She goes out to find him.

Rajjo 10th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Arjun walks on the street recalling how Madhu convinced him and Rajjo to marry and always tried to bring them closer. He realizes that he has been tricked by his mom. He cries, saying that he didn’t cheat on Rajjo, but he loves her. He screams, letting out his anger. He says how Madhu thought that he could live without Rajjo. He says that Rajjo is the love that he got after a lot of struggle, but can’t express it to her because of Madhu. He wonders how Madhu can choose life for him and death for Rajjo. He screams and laments, letting out his frustration.

Rajjo finds Arjun standing in the temple. Rajjo runs to Arjun and hugs him from behind. Kabira plays in the BG. Arjun controls his feelings and harshly removes Rajjo’s hands from him. He asks Rajjo to go home. Rajjo refuses and asks Arjun if he is angry with her if she has made a mistake. Arjun thinks in mind that Rajjo made a big mistake by marrying him.

Rajjo thinks that Arjun is angry as she moved from her statue position. Rajjo says that she was scared when he didn’t return and was worried about him. Arjun asks Rajjo to worry about herself and asks her to go home. He shouts at Rajjo when she refuses. Rajjo is shocked and confused. However, she obliges and leaves. Arjun sits in the temple.

On the other hand, Manorama confronts Pushkar about trying to harm Rajjo two times. She says that the serpent wrapped him as his intentions are vile. Pushkar laughs and mocks Manorama about having supernatural beliefs. He tries to convince Manorama that he won’t think of harming Rajjo. He says that Arjun is Madhu’s favorite son and Arjun loves Rajjo, so he won’t take the risk of harming Rajjo, by putting Kalindi, who is also in Thakur’s house, in harm’s way.

He leaves. However, Manorama doesn’t believe him and thinks of keeping an eye on him. Manorama is shocked when Pushkar drives the car ruthlessly toward her. Manorama takes Trishul from the temple and gets ready to attack him. Pushkar turns the car to the side at the last moment.

Rajjo is sitting outside the Thakurs’ mansion and cries, wondering about Arjun’s sudden weird behavior. Just then, Thakurs return. They are shocked to see Rajjo crying and inquire what happened. Rajjo says that Arjun left home. She went to search for him and found him in the temple. She asked him to return home, but he scolded her. She bursts into tears. Chirag pacifies her. Madhu goes to talk to Arjun, asking others not to come.

Madhu goes to Arjun and asks him what happened. She urges him to tell her what the matter is. Arjun says that he is dead, which shocks Madhu. Arjun says that he hates himself to be called her son. Madhu asks how he can talk to his mom like that. Arjun says that he regrets that she is his mom.

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