RadhaKrishn 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

RadhaKrishn 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna asks Radha if she wants him to erase their wedding memories from the Vrindavan and its citizens. Radha nods yes. Devi Gauri feels emotional and says Radha’s sacrifice teaches the whole universe that love means not only gaining but also sacrificing. Kanha erases wedding memories from Vrindavan. Radha says asthasakhis are left and they should forget that we are married and are also Laxmi Narayan.

She clasps her fingers and erases asthasakhi’s memories. Mahadev says Radha Krishna proved again that love is sacrifice. Radha Krishna hug and comfort each other. Yashoda wakes up from sleep and tells Nand that she saw a nightmare that Kanha left her in childhood itself. Kanha walks in and says he will never leave his Maiya. Yashoda says her dream was looking real.

RadhaKrishn 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

She searches for Kanha’s anklets. Kanha remembers hiding its anklets to hide the truth. Nand comforts her. Vrishbhan with Kirtida walks in. Nand leaves with Vrishbhan to attend a panchayat. Balram notices all the wedding decorations disappear and asks Radha Krishna what are they up to, and why is everyone acting as if nothing happened yesterday.

Radha Krishna informs that they don’t want anyone to remember their wedding and they will follow fate but will visit Vishnu mandir with Vrindavan citizens as per post-wedding rituals. Balram invites Vrindavan citizens to visit the Vishnu temple.

Kans wakes up from a nightmare. Akroor informs him that Agasur has disguised himself as a mountain cave with Vishnu temple, so once Krishna enters with his team, he will gulp Kanha and his team. Kans feels happy. Krishna visits the cave with Vrindavan vasis. Agasur gulps Vrindavan’s vasis and demands Kanha in exchange for freeing them.

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