RadhaKrishn 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update

RadhaKrishn 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update: Mahadev looks that Radha Krishna’s wedding arrangements and tells Brahamdev that the moment Vindran and the whole universe were waiting for. Radha Krishna arrives as bride and groom and unveils their faces. All gods and Gopis greet them. Krishna closes his eyes. Radha asks if he will not see his would-be bride. Krishna says he is preparing himself to look at her in this form.

He opens his eyes and reminds her of her promise when they left Golok that she will open her eyes only when he is in front of her. He says he wanted to relive his memories. Radha says she accepts that he is the most beautiful person in the universe as nobody can love like him and she can do anything to get his love. Gods get emotional hearing their conversation.

RadhaKrishn 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Devi Gauri asks Brahamadev to start the Radha Krishna wedding or else they will make everyone emotional with their talks. Brahmadev performs Radha Krishna’s wedding. Everyone greets Radha Krishna. Radha tells Krishna that Vrindavan always praised Radha Krishna’s love and would be special to them. Krishna says this place would be called Radha Krishna’s wedding place. They show their Laxmi Narayan avatar.

Kans wakes up from sleep after getting a nightmare and tells Prapti that Krishna is planning something big and is very happy, which is hurting him. Prapti says she understands his pain, but he need not worry as Krishan won’t believe on this earth for long and Agasur is already on his way to kill Krishna. Kans relaxes.

Yashoda searches for Kanha and cries. Radha hears Yashoda and gets tensed. Kanha asks her not to worry as he will handle Maiya. Radha says she separated a son from her mother trying to fulfill her wish. Krishna says there is nothing in the world that can change love, maiya and Radha both love him and can’t be compared, so he has made a decision. Radha asks what kind of decision.

RadhaKrishn 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Krishna says she is his soul and can either live with him as his wife or as his Radha just like before, he has come into this world to teach dharma to this world, and it’s his duty to follow dharma at any cost. Devi Saraswati gets emotional hearing Radha Krishna’s conversation and asks Brahmadev what would Radha do now.

Radha tells Krishna that she will love Krishna forever as just Radha and frees him to follow his karma. Krishna asks her to rethink once. Radha says there is nothing to rethink as she loves Krishna the way he is and wouldn’t restrict him.

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