Radha Mohan 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Radha Mohan 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Radha getting scared when Tulsi’s spirit touches her. She screams in fear and runs from there. Tulsi’s spirit asks her to stop saying that she has to talk to her. Meanwhile, Dadi and Rameshwar notice that Radha is missing. They search for Radha. In the house, Mohan recalls teaching English to Radha. He says that he planned so much for Radha but he did nothing. He tells himself that her memories will stay with him but her belongings can’t stay with him.

He notices his marriage photo. He tells Tulsi that she left him but he felt her presence sometimes. He says that Tulsi also has to go from his life because he promised Damini. He searches Tulsi’s nuptial chain but finds nothing. He tells God that he is unlucky that’s why both Tulsi and Radha left him. He removes his marriage photo and leaves from there. Damini sees everything and thinks that she won.

In the forest, Radha searches for her family. She finds her and Mohan’s photos and runs again. She is about to fall from the bridge but gets shocked seeing her holding the end of the nuptial chain. She wonders how nuptial chains fly in the air. She gets shocked when Tulsi’s spirit becomes visible to her. She takes Tulsi’s name. Tulsi’s spirit thanks, God. She asks her to not get scared and saves her.

Radha tells herself that she is hallucinating Tulsi. Tulsi’s spirit tells her that she is really in front of her and touches her. Radha recognizes the touch. She realizes that Tulsi’s spirit saved her and Gungun’s life in the past. Tulsi’s spirit tells her that her spirit did not leave this world due to Gungun. She says that she can’t touch and talk to Gungun.

She reveals Mohan’s promise and her helplessness. She says that Radha entered and brought happiness into Gungun and Mohan’s life and understood Damini’s wrong intentions too. Radha asks her why the latter did not come in front of her till now. Tulsi’s spirit says that today only she found a way to become visible in front of Radha. She gives credit to the nuptial chain. Radha gets confused hearing her.

Tulsi’s spirit recalls that how she told Mohan to throw Damini out of the house when she was pregnant. Mohan gifts a nuptial chain to her in which his name is written. He tells her that he just belongs to her. He says that he will give this gift to her when she gives birth to their daughter. Tulsi’s spirit tells everything to Radha.

She says that Mohan never got a chance to give this nuptial chain to her. Radha asks her if anyone knows about her spirit. Tulsi’s spirit informs her that Kadambari, Kaveri, and Damini know about her. She says that Damini made Kadambari believe that she is a danger to Gungun and Mohan. She tells her that Kadambari tied Raksha kavach to lock her in the house. She asks her to trust her and support her.

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