Radha Mohan 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Radha Mohan 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Gungun telling Mohan that she thinks he also loves Radha. She reminds him that she accepted him due to Radha and no one is helping Radha, not even him. She threatens to finish their friendship if he doesn’t help Radha then. On the other hand, Damini shows her new lehenga to Kaveri. Kaveri tells her that the latter became the bride 4 times but the marriage did not happen not even once.

Damini tells her that this time marriage will happen and just 5 hours left. Mohan goes to Radha’s room. Radha murmurs in her sleep. She asks Mohan to not marry Damini. He recalls Gungun’s words about Radha’s love and also how Radha confessed her love. Tulsi’s spirit tells him that he knows Radha won’t do anything wrong so he should trust and support Radha. She asks God to show the right path to Mohan.

Radha Mohan 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Kaveri, Dulari, and Rahul dance. Mohan asks them to stop it because he wants a simple marriage. Kaveri tells him that music changes the atmosphere of the house. She reminds him that it’s Damini’s first marriage and she yearned to see Damini in a bridal look. He tells her that he understood everything but the noise will disturb Radha’s sleep. She tells him that Radha will wake up tomorrow only and that’s what she has seen in movies.

After some time, Mohan tells Ketki that he wants to trust Radha but without solid proof, he can’t suspect Damini. He asks her to find out if Damini is behind everything. He tells her to do something. Radha wakes up and knocks on the door. Damini gets shocked seeing that. Gungun is about to open the door but Damini stops the former and says that Radha can’t come out of the room.

Gungun threatens to lock Damini in a room. Damini tells her that Radha is mentally unstable and she is a danger to them. Radha tells her that she is completely fine. Damini asks Gungun to stay away from Radha because they are going to send Radha to a mental hospital. Mohan comes there and says that Radha had attacked again due to loud music. He blames Kaveri for everything.

Tulsi’s spirit asks him to not trust Damini. Mohan says that he will enter the room to handle Radha. Damini asks him what if something happened to him. He tells her that he doesn’t want any problems in their marriage that’s why he is going inside. He opens the door and Radha hugs him. Radha tells him that she is completely fine and she wants to tell Damini’s truth to him.

Radha Mohan 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update

She tries to attack Damini. He drags her inside the room and ties her hand to the bed. He murmurs to her to trust him and he knows something is fishy. He tells her that he won’t marry Damini if she is wrong then. She pretends like crying and tells him that she trusts him. He locks the door and tells Kadambari that it was necessary to do. Gungun tells Mohan that she hates him and leaves there.

Kaveri tells Damini that she can’t believe that Mohan tied Radha. Damini tells her that Mohan did not give a tablet to Radha because he suspect them. She says that Mohan was acting till now. Kaveri asks her how they are going to handle Mohan. Damini takes her phone and moves from there and she gets shocked seeing Mohan there.

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