Radha Mohan 27th January 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 27th January 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Damini getting close to Mohan, which makes him uncomfortable. He jerks, which leads Damini to hit her head on the bed. Radha laughs at that. Mohan asks her to stop laughing, and he apologizes to Damini. He tells both Radha and Damini to leave the room, and he goes into the washroom. Radha asks Damini to wear a helmet next time.

Damini asks her not to get happy because fight night will happen one day. Radha tells her that Mohan doesn’t love her and that one day he will throw her out of the house. She throws her out of the room and closes the door. Damini tells herself that Mohan is her husband and that only she has the right to Mohan’s room.

Radha Mohan 27th January 2023 Written Update
Radha Mohan 27th January 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 27th January 2023 Written Update

Mohan comes out of the washroom, and he asks Radha what she is doing there. Radha tells him that she doesn’t have a place to go because Gungun threw her out of the room. She keeps Lord Krishna’s idol on the bed. He tells her to keep the idol with her. She reminds him that he has become a friend to his idol.

She asks him not to disturb her idol’s sleep, and she lies down on the floor. He lay down on the bed. She cries, recalling whatever happened today, and falls asleep. He converses with an idol. He informs him that he is unable to sleep as a result of him. So he lays down on the sofa and falls asleep. He puts his hand on the floor while sleeping. She sleeps with his hand in hers.

On the other hand, Kaveri asks Damini why the latter came from Mohan’s room. She tells her that they can’t trust Mohan. Damini tells her that Mohan is not like that, and moreover, Mohan hates Radha. Kaveri tells her that Radha has a place in Mohan’s heart still, and Radha can take advantage of that.

Radha Mohan 27th January 2023 Written Update

Damini tells her that if Mohan doesn’t get Gungun’s custody, he won’t let Radha stay in the house. Kaveri tells her that Namrata will give Gungun to Radha for sure because she sees Tulsi in Radha. Damini tells her that Gungun will refuse to stay with Mohan. She says that both Gungun and Radha will leave the house. Kaveri sees someone outside the house, and she tells about it. But Damini refuses to believe her. Someone looks at Trivedi’s house.

The next day, Mohan falls from the sofa. He notices Radha and stares at her. Radha wakes up, and she admires him. Then she screams, which shocks him. She inquires as to his purpose for being there. He tells her that he fell from the sofa. She tries to get up, holding him, and she tears his kurta in that process. Damini comes there and gets angry at seeing them like that. She screams Radha’s name.


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