Radha Mohan 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Radha Mohan 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with The stranger keeping the parcel outside Trivedi’s house. He thinks that this parcel will help Radha reach the locker’s secret. Trivedi is joined by neighborhood ladies for puja. They claim that this is the first Mahashivratri puja in the Trivedi home since Tulsi’s death. They claim that Radha invited them for puja. Radha asks Mohan to greet guests.

Mohan thinks that he has to prove himself as a good husband in front of Gungun. The guests say that Mohan did right by accepting Radha as his wife. Dulari notices the parcel and takes it. Guests mock Damini. Kaveri loses her control, and she is about to fight with them. But Damini stops Kaveri, saying that Karan won’t like it.

The guest suggests competition between Radha and Damini. Damini thinks that everyone will be busy there, and Kaveri will get a chance to steal the keys. She says that she is ready. But Radha refuses. Gungun tells her that the latter is not less than anyone, so Radha should accept the challenge.

Radha agrees to participate in the competition. Damini is forewarned by Guest that Radha has already won Mohan’s heart. And if Damini loses, she won’t be able to show her face to anyone. Mohan says that more drama is happening there than puja and goes inside.

Damini asks Dulari about the parcel. Dulari informs her that that’s Radha’s parcel. Damini is about to take it, but Radha stops her and takes the parcel from Dulari. Radha sends Dulari to the kitchen. She tells Damini that she won the first challenge. She reminds her of how Mohan called her his wife and performed puja with her. She says that she has Lord Shiv and Lord Krishna’s support and leaves from there. Damini wonders what’s in that parcel.

Radha enters her room. She wonders who sent this parcel to her. She notices a stranger and decides to tell Mohan about him. Then she changes her mind and decides to catch the stranger first. She tells herself that Damini will try to steal the parcel for sure, so she keeps it in the cupboard and leaves from there. Damini and Kaveri see that.

Radha follows the stranger with a stick and hides before he sees her. He is taken aback when he sees her in front of him. She claims she is not a coward and will not attack from behind, and she promises to expose him today. He throws dirt on her eyes and escapes from there. She follows his footmarks and enters the shed. She says that she won’t let him escape this time.

She notices that the lights are not working and thinks now she can’t go out to seek others’ help. She tells him that she knows he is there, and she locked the door so he can’t escape. She asks him to come in front of her. The stranger wonders how he is going to escape. She gets scared when she hears a noise.


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