Radha Mohan 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Radha Mohan 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Radha telling Mohan that he knows she won’t do anything which could hurt this family. Damini tells Radha that the latter is a second-woman type of girl. She says that Radha is in bride look but she doesn’t have a husband because Radha snatched everything from her. She snatches Radha’s garland and removes Radha’s jewels.

She says that Radha is a thief who tried to steal someone else’s husband. Tulsi’s spirit asks the Trivedi family to stop Damini. Radha looks at Mohan and recalls that how Mohan announced that she is his responsibility. Damini says that Radha took pheres but she won’t get the nuptial chain ever. Radha notices Mohan standing silently.

Radha Mohan 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Tulsi’s spirit tells Damini to stop it and she cries. She blames herself for everything. Damini tells Mohan that they should marry now. Tulsi’s spirit asks Mohan to not choose the wrong person when the right person is standing in front of him. Kadambari feels helpless. Radha tells Mohan that she never tried to marry him. She says that Damini will ruin Mohan and Gungun’s relationship so he should not marry Damini.

Damini tells Mohan that they don’t have time and tries to drag him to the marriage mandap. She stops seeing Mohan holding Radha’s hand. Mohan recalls how Radha confessed her love and he drags Radha from there. Damini follows them. Kadambari says that she can’t tolerate it anymore. Damini asks Mohan what is he doing. Mohan crags Radha inside the room and locks the door. Radha asks him to not get angry and listen to her once.

He breaks things in anger. She asks him to calm down. Damini asks Mohan to open the door and talk to Radha in front of everyone. Radha hurts her hand when trying to stop Mohan. The priest says that muhurat’s time got over and he is leaving. Damini tells him that he can’t leave and scolds him. Ketki says that Damini is mad.

Damini tells Priest that it’s not necessary to get married on muhurat time. Kadambari tells her that she won’t approve of this. She says that marriage will happen next muhurat time. The priest says that the next muhurat time is after 6 hours and if the marriage did not happen that time then the marriage can happen after a month only. Kadambari tells him to take rest for 6 hours.

Radha Mohan 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Damini asks Kadambari if the latter wants to cancel the marriage. Kadambari tells her that now it does not matter what she wants. She tells her that the latter did everything to marry Mohan but still she is standing alone and Mohan is with Radha.

She says that now everything is in Mohan and Radha’s hands and leaves there. Mohan gets worried seeing Radha’s injury and he removes the glass piece on her hand. Kaveri asks Damini what if Mohan and Radha become one and Mohan decides to marry Radha.

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