Radha Mohan 25th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Radha Mohan 25th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Mohan giving his wife’s rights to Damini. Damini corrects him and explains how this is possible. He tells her that something went wrong with them. Kaveri tells him that marriage is not a joke and it won’t do any good for Damini. Kadambari tells Mohan that Kaveri is right.

Mohan tells her that Radha has to leave the house once he gets Gungun’s custody. He says that he will marry Damini after ending his marriage with Radha. Radha tells him that marriage won’t break that easily. She says that she won’t leave her husband, and she won’t let anyone take her place.

Radha Mohan 25th January 2023 Written Episode Update

He tells her that he won’t accept her as his wife. He says that he will make Radha realize her mistake once she is in his house. He adds that he will give pain to her. She tells him that she knew he would react like this. He tells her that he never tolerates betrayal, and he ruins the life of the betrayer. He tauntingly congratulates her on the marriage and goes inside. Kadambari takes Gungun with her. Others go inside.

Damini tells Radha that the latter also lost after winning. She says that Mohan accepted her as his wife because of Radha. Radha tells her that she is Mohan’s wife, and the latter is his second wife. Damini tries to slap her, but the latter holds Damini’s hand and warns her not to repeat the mistake.

She says that she is Radha Mohan Trivedi now, and she is more powerful than before. She tells them that they are standing in her house. Damini tells her that she has Mohan’s love. Radha tells her that the latter is wrong and Mohan is just fulfilling his responsibility. Damini tells her that the latter played well but lost it and goes inside.

Radha says that she never thought she would feel lonely. She recalls how Rameshwar and Dadi cut off all ties with her. She walks into her room and declares that she has committed a sin by breaking everyone’s heart. She says that she needs Tulsi’s support now. Tulsi’s spirit makes the toy fall. Radha tells her that she feels like everything is ending because no one is happy. She says that she does not understand what she should do now.

Gungun arrives and tells Radha not to cry because her marriage has ended. Radha tells her that everyone hates her now. Gungun treats her injuries. She reminds her that no one liked her when she entered the house, so she has to win their hearts again. Radha asks her how she is going to do that.

Gungun takes the Bhagavad Gita and tells her that good people will never be wronged. She assures her that she is with her. Radha says that it’s time to sleep, and she gets ready to sleep in Gungun’s room. Gungun tells her that she has to sleep in Mohan’s room starting today. She tells her that Damini will go to Mohan’s room if the latter delays.

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