Radha Mohan 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Radha Mohan 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Damini telling Radha that soon the latter will lose his nuptial chain too, like the keys. Radha tells her that not even Mohan has the right to remove her nuptial chain. Damini wonders what the nuclear chain is for if Mohan hasn’t accepted her as his wife.

Radha tells her that today Mohan will give her wife rights in front of everyone, and he will perform puja with her. Damini tells her that her dream is good and leaves there. Radha says that she challenged Damini, but how is she going to succeed? Tulsi says that it won’t be easy.

Radha Mohan 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Radha Mohan 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

On the other hand, Gungun tells Mohan that he said he would become Radha’s friend, but he scolded Radha today, and he even said something about six months. And something is fishy for sure. She inquires as to why he chastised Radha. Mohan lies to her and says that he was acting. He claims that if he hadn’t scolded Radha at the time, Kadambari would have said he was always on Radha’s side. He tells her that he loves both Kadambari and Radha, so it’s important to balance the relationship.

Radha is perplexed as to why they did not take anything from the locker. She apologizes to Tulsi for using her name. Tulsi tells her that God is with her, so the latter will succeed one day for sure. Damini tells Kaveri that they have been lucky, and that’s why they got saved. Kaveri tells her that Radha started recording to expose them. Damini says that Radha won’t stay silent, so they have to take the proof from the locker before Radha does something.

A priest requests that a married couple perform Lord Shiva’s Abhishek. Mohan asks him if it’s necessary. Kadambari tells him that it’s necessary. Damini tells Mohan that they should do Abhishek together. Radha murmurs that Damini won’t change.

Mohan tells Damini that he has to do puja with Radha. Radha asks Mohan to explain to Damini why only they have to do puja together. Mohan looks at Gungun. He says that Radha is his wife, which is why he has to do this puja with her. Radha tells Damini that the latter would have understood. Kadambari tells them that they are getting late.

Radha and Mohan do Abhishek for Lord Shiva. Radha tells God that she never thought she would do puja as Mohan’s wife. She asks God to help her reach the secret of Tulsi’s death. Kaveri tries to steal the keys from Kadambari at Damini’s behest. However, Kadambari departs from there.

Mohan inquires as to why Radha is staring at him. He tells her that he is acting for Gungun’s sake. Radha tells him that she kept the vow four months ago, and today she got her husband. The stranger, meanwhile, keeps the parcel outside Trivedi’s house. He thinks that this parcel will help Radha reach the locker’s secret.


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