Radha Mohan 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Radha Mohan 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha explains she is going to reveal the entire truth; the entire Trivedi family is shocked. Radha explains Damini would be shocked to see her here, as she would have thought those criminals would have taken her life, ending the story, but there was no one to help her.

She reveals that was never the case as she is not alone; Kadambari is also worried; Radha mentions there is someone else standing by her side; Tulsi wonders if Radha is telling the truth about her. Radha informs someone who cares as much about this family as she does, and in front of whom the criminals mean nothing. Kadambari stops Radha from mentioning that she knows they both talked with each other, but she should not tell anyone about her or everything will end.

Radha Mohan 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Damini whispers to Kaveri, asking if Tulsi also told Radha the truth, which died with her; Kaveri replies that it cannot happen because Tulsi can neither talk nor reveal herself; Damini replies that she feels something is wrong because Radha is so confident, and she even broke the protection shield. Ketki asks who she is talking about and who was beside her.

Tulsi requests that Radha not tell anyone about her because they would then consider her a mentally unstable person. Refusing to believe anything she says, Radha turns to Kadambari, who also signals her not to reveal the truth. Radha walks in the front, revealing she had her Bihari jee; Kaveri and Damini are relieved. Rameshwar prostrate before him.

Radha reveals he protected her from the criminals sent by Damini and even brought her back to this house because he also does not want this marriage to happen. Radha requests Mohan to step off the Mandap and not go ahead with this marriage. Mohan asks Radha to leave, informing her that this marriage is not going to stop now, but Radha replies that it will stop and that she is going to do everything in her power to stop it.

Radha attempts to proceed, but Dadi stops her, questioning who she is to stop this marriage; she wonders what relationship Radha has with anyone from this family; she wonders, if does she not see that the relationship she formed with this family was never completed, and they forcibly evicted her just a short time ago? Dadi mentions that Radha has done a lot for this family, but they have just humiliated her; she should let go of this madness as they don’t care if she stays here and will not suffer even if she dies.

Mohan inquires as to what Dadi is saying, and Radha responds that she cares; she mentions that everything that happens to Mohan affects her; with Mohan’s smile or pain, she feels affected. Radha turns to Dadi and explains that she is the Radha of Mohan jee; she can never see him in pain, even if it means being humiliated by the entire world. Mohan thinks Radha should not say such big things to him; he requests for her to leave since he cannot bear her being humiliated anymore.

Rameshwar also requests that Radha stop; he even holds his hand in front of her. Radha replies that she knows he can never see her in pain, but he should believe her that this pain means a lot to her, rather greater than anything else in the world. He should not ask her to leave since it is time to seek the right. Ketki encourages Radha for having such a high spirit, and after explaining what the shame is in asking for her right, Kadambari scolds her.

Damini questions what rights she is talking about; she doesn’t have any rights over this house or anyone from this family. Radha walks onto the mandap; Damini threatens her to stay away from Mohan. Radha explains that the truth hides if they turn away from it but does not end; she explains that he has not even looked at her ever since she came here, but this does not mean that she is not present here; she reveals that she is here and is going to stay in this same house; it is time that he should look at her and even learn the truth.

Radha forces Mohan to turn; he is shocked to see her dressed in the clothes that belonged to Tulsi. Mohan is shocked to see her dressed in the bridal dress; he remembers Tulsi on the day they both got married. Mohan is not able to stop thinking about the day, as Radha is standing in front of him. Tulsi exclaims that she knew he would remember it.

When Mohan asks Radha if this dress belongs to Tulsi, the entire family is stunned. Kadambari is also shocked, realizing the truth; Mohan asks if she wore Tulsi’s dress; Radha is speechless; Mohan explains he buried it in the garden, but she wore it, taking it out from there; everyone is terrified seeing his rage. Mohan throws the Varmala on the ground; he asks the reason why Radha wore the dress of Tulsi, but she is not able to say anything.

Mohan asks if she thought he would fall in love with her if she dressed like Tulsi and acted like Tulsi; he reveals Tulsi left him and turned his daughter against him. Damini smiles, confident that her plan will succeed. Mohan mentions Tulsi never loved him; Tulsi is thinking about all the beautiful moments she spent with Mohan; he explains Tulsi never cared for him but was a selfish person.

Mohan blames Radha for also being an opportunist, just like Tulsi, as she also deceived him. Mohan blames her for just acting as if she cares for him, but that is not the truth. Mohan says there is no difference between her and Tulsi, and everyone is shocked.

Damini asks if he can see that she is the same girl whom he thought was simple, but she is also a thief because she first wore her wedding dress and now the one that belonged to Tulsi. Damini exclaims he should let it go since she has a habit of creating drama, but they cannot let go of the last moment to get married.

She tries to take Mohan away, but Radha pushes Damini away. Mohan is also stunned, not able to believe anything. Damini asks if Mohan can see, wondering why they are listening to her since she has once again lost her mind, and she asks how they can delay their wedding because of Radha and listen to her lies. Radha asks Damini to stop, but Mohan instead exclaims it is enough; he says there is a limit to everything.

He says he tried to make her understand she doesn’t love him, but it was just infatuation. Instead, she is standing in front of him dressed as Tulsi. Radha responds that he is the one who does not understand, that she is not so young to understand the difference between love and infatuation, and that her fight is not for love but for this family, and that she would therefore do with what she returned. Mohan says this is incorrect.

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