Radha Mohan 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Radha Mohan 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Dulari noticing Radha’s fever and informs her of it. Radha asks her to ignore it. On the other hand, Damini tells Kaveri that Radha started using her mind, so they should get the locker key as soon as possible. Kaveri tells her that it won’t be easy.

Damini tells her that they have to get the key tonight at any cost. Kaveri inquires as to what will occur if a stranger arrives. Damini tauntingly asks her to click his photo. Kadambari arrives and informs Damini that she made a mistake today. Damini tells her that Radha took her place, and how can she stay silent?

Radha Mohan 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Kadambari tells her that Radha is like Tulsi, and Radha would not have mixed spice in pasta if Damini had not tried to mix spice in kheer then. She says that Radha is not scared of anyone. Damini tells her that the latter is supporting Radha a lot nowadays. Kadambari reminds her that the latter lost against Tulsi and she can lose against Radha too, and she leaves from there.

Damini says that only she has a place in Mohan’s life, and Radha can’t do anything like Tulsi. And it appears that Radha will share the same fate as Tulsi. Radha collides with Mohan. He scolds her. She asks him to talk sweetly because he ate a bowl of kheer. He taunts her and asks her to do her work. She feels dizzy and faints. He thinks that she is pretending and tells her that he won’t fall into her trap.

Gungun returns from school and gets shocked upon seeing Radha. She asks Mohan what he did with Radha. He tells her that he did nothing, and Radha has a fever, so she faints. She blames him for Radha’s fever. He tells her that she can fight with him later. He calls the doctor and asks him to come home soon.

Later, the doctor checks on Radha and finds that the cold has given her frostbite. Mohan recalls how he put ice cubes in the water tank. He reveals that Radha took a bath in cold water early in the morning. Kadambari asks why Radha did not use a heater. He says that everything is his fault. Gungun says that she knows it must be Mohan’s mistake.

Radha lies and claims that she bathed in cold water on purpose to fulfill her prayer. She says that Mohan is blaming himself because he could not save himself. Tulsi’s spirit informs Mohan that he made a mistake. Kadambari tells Radha that the latter should not be careless like this. Gungun tells Radha that she won’t talk to her if the latter does something like this again.

She hugs her (the Maa Meri song plays in the background). The doctor says that Radha will sleep a lot due to the medicine’s effect. Damini tells Mohan that Radha is acting. Mohan tells her everything. She tells him that Radha deserves this, and she is happy he did all this for them, and she hugs him. He pushes her and scolds her for hugging him. He says that he is Radha’s husband, and how can Damini hug him?


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