Rabb Se Hai Dua 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Gazal fails to find her Jhumka anywhere. She gets determined to remove the Jhumka before Dua arrives. She goes to Dua’s room and starts searching for the Jhumka. She sees her Jhumka in Dua’s hand. Gazal snatches it from Dua and tries to wear it in a hurry. Dua tries to wake Haider up. She complains to him about Gaza. Haider wakes up and is shocked to see Gazal. He asks Gazal what she is doing there. Dua went to say something.

Haider stops her and checks Gazal. He tells Dua that Gazal is asleep, as she has the habit of walking in sleep. Gaza acts accordingly. Dua says that Gaza is only pretending. She informs Haider that Gazal has come there to pick up her Jhumka. Haider opposes Dua, saying Gazal is wearing her Jhumkas already. Dua gets astonished when he thinks about Gazal’s sharp mind. Dua says that Gazal came to their room.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update
Rabb Se Hai Dua 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Haider replies that Dua was there with her all the time, so how can Gazal come? Dua says that she came later as she was giving company to Dadi. According to her, Gaza took advantage of her absence. Haider refuses to believe it and says it’s not possible. Gaza plans to do something fast. Gazal walks as if she is in deep sleep.

Haider questions Dua for doubting a sleepy Gazal. He goes to touch Gaza. Dua stops him. Dua says that she will drop Gazal off at her room. Gazal wonders what Dua is planning to do now. Haider asks Dua not to inform the family about the incident. Dua agrees. Dua hugs and kisses Haider in front of Gazal. She gets romantic as, according to Haider Gazal, she is sleeping. Dua tries hard to instigate Gazal. Gaza controls herself. Gulnaaz gets surprised when she sees Gazal and Dua come out of Dua’s room together.

Dua confronts Gazal for stooping so low. She asks Gazal about her romance with Haider. Gazal tries to make Dua jealous by saying that she was so close to Haider tonight. Dua laughs and says that Gazal can never find her place in Haider’s heart. Gazal says that she can’t stop herself from getting closer to Haider, that she loves Haider, etc. Dua compares Gaza with prostitutes. She says that Gaza’s parents must be regretting it now. Gazal raises his hand to slap Dua.

Dua holds her hand. Gulnaaz gets shocked. Dua slams Gaza. Dua says that she won’t repeat her mistake of informing the family regarding the matter. She says that she will play like Gaza hereafter. Gazal laughs and claims that Dua can’t do anything except talk. Dua says that hereafter Gazal will see the fearless Dua, who is super protective and possessive of Haider. She says that she doesn’t care about anyone or needs anyone’s support.

She asks Gazal to do whatever she wants to do with Ruhaan but warns her not even to look at Haider. Gulnaaz and Gazal get speechless. Dua says that everyone will be happy when they know that she is happy with Gazal and Ruhan’s wedding. She claims that Ruhaan deserves a wife like Gazal. She calls Ruhaan unlucky to have a selfish mother like Gulnaaz. Dua mocks Gulnaaz. She leaves, saying Haider is waiting for her in her room. Gaza and Gulnaaz get speechless. The episode ends.


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