Rabb Se Hai Dua 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Haider deciding to take Gazal to her house. She insists to see the last symbol of her father, while Dua and others try to stop her stating that the earthquake has hampered the place. She stays adamant to go there, while Haider proclaims to fulfill her wish. Dua gets worried for him and says that she won’t let him go as he is injured. He assures them that he is fine and will bring Gazal back to their house after taking her to check her own house. He somehow convinces Dua and goes along with Gazal.

Here, Dua gets some strange feelings after seeing Haider going along with Gazal, but ignores it. She takes Ruhaan and goes to her house, whereas Hina gets restless thinking about the kids. She proclaims that she will reveal the truth to Dua if her kids come back safely. Meanwhile, at that time Ruhaan comes there along with Dua. Everyone gets shocked seeing his state and asks about it.

Ruhaan assures that everything is fine. He holds Hina’s hand seeing her crying and says that he is alright. He asks her not to worry and tells them about the matter. Meanwhile, Hina questions Haider, to which Dua tells that he had gone with Gazal to check her house. She assures them that he is also fine and asks Hina not to worry.

Elsewhere, Hina again gets restless thinking about Haider’s safety and prays that if he comes back safely then she will confess the secret in front of Dua. Qayanath gets worried seeing her mother’s state and shares her tension with Dua. She says that Hina is behaving weirdly since the time she went in search of Haider. Dua looks at Hina and goes towards her. She consoles the latter and asks them not to worry about Haider.

Dua proclaims that she will go in search of Haider again if he doesn’t come back after 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Gazal gets shocked seeing the destruction of her house and breaks down. Haider also gets concerned for Gazal and consoles her. She says that it’s the last remaining of her father and she is nothing without it. She holds her emotions and says that she is again left all alone.

Ahead, Haider says that Gazal will never be alone and promises to be with her forever. He asks her to come along with him to his house. He assures them to provide shelter to her, but she denies taking his help. He insists she let him help her and states that it’s his responsibility to look after her. She looks at him being emotional while he helps her to walk and takes her away from there.

Dadi proclaims that it would have been better if Gazal have died in the earthquake. Everyone gets shocked hearing her words, while Dua says that it isn’t nice to say this to anyone. She shows her concern towards Gazal, while Hina makes Dua sit along with her and decides to reveal the truth. She starts narrating the story while Dua stops her by telling her that Hina had already told her about it. Gulnaaz asks Dua not to interrupt Hina, while the latter tells how Haider was ill and they had shifted newly to that place.

Further, Hina tells that Gazal’s father Rehmani, and her mother runs away taking Haider. She proclaims that she ran behind them shocked but couldn’t able to see where Rehmani had disappeared. She states that she saw his wife and ask about Haider, the people start beating her for trying to steal the baby and the latter died, even when Hina tried to save her.

Afterward, they found that Haider was extremely ill and Rehmani had taken him to the hospital to save his life. She continues that after sometimes Rehmani came to their house asking them to marry Haider and Gazal, they had already fixed his marriage with Dua. Hina says that they denied Rehmani’s request and he got upset and left from there. She blames herself for the sin, while Dua tries to console her stating that it wasn’t her fault.

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