Rabb Se Hai Dua 4th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 4th March 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Hina tells Dua that she will kick her out if anything happens to Gazal. She asks Dua to either pray for Gaza’s safety or pack luggage to leave the house. Ruhan supports Hina’s statement. He lashed out at Dua for always hurting Gaza. He asks Dua to leave and says that she doesn’t matter to him anymore.

Dua calls Gazal responsible for everything and says that she won’t spare her today. She calls Gazal. Ruhan warns her not to take Gazal’s name. Hina assures Ruhan, saying that Gazal won’t leave the house silently. She asks him to stay worry-free and hugs him. Gulnaaz wonders when Gazal will come out of Dua’s room.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 4th March 2023 Written Episode Update
Rabb Se Hai Dua 4th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Dua says that if Gaza has left, it’s good for Ruhan alone. Though she believes that Gaza didn’t leave. Ruhan says that Gazal is nowhere in the house. Gulnaaz thinks if Gazal is found in Dua’s room, she has to leave the house for real. Ruhan says that he won’t forgive Dua. Hina curses Dua, saying God won’t forgive her ever.

They leave. Dua wonders about Gazal’s whereabouts. She recalls Gazal’s words regarding Haider. Gulnaaz secretly enters Dua’s room and tries to alert Gazal. Gazal does not wish to leave Haider. Dua heads towards her room. Gazal tries to leave, but Haider tightens his grip. Dua enters the room and sees that Haider is sleeping peacefully.

Flashback shows that Gazal hid herself under the bed before Dua entered the room. Dua decides not to switch on the light and disturb Haider’s sleep. Gazal hides a piece of paper that Gulnaaz threw at her, with a lot of difficulties. Dua kisses Haider and sleeps beside him. Gazal tries to leave the room secretly. Dua learns that Haider feels that she has been there with him for a long time.

Dua gets alerted. She sees a shadow crossing her room. She switches on the light and goes behind her. Haider wakes up. Dua fails to catch Gazal as she hides behind a wall. Gaza feels that Dua has left and come out. She gears up to leave. Dua holds her hand. She slaps her hard and asks what she was doing with Haider. Ruhan sees it. He asks Dua what she meant. He asks Dua to spare her husband at least.

Dua says that she will prove herself right. She asks what Gazal is doing inside the house when she has already left. She claims that Shameless Gazal was there with Haider in her room when everyone was searching for her. She says that Gaza can’t belong to anyone. Ruhan asks her to stop. He says that he has an endless love for Gaza, and he trusts her a lot. He doesn’t wish to hear anything else and leaves with Gazal. Dua wonders how to prove her point. Later, Ruhan asks Gazal what she was doing in Haider’s room. Ruhan says that he saw Gazal coming out of Haider’s room. He asks her to confess the truth.

Gazal says that she went to talk to Haider. She went to ask Haider if he also opposed their marriage like Dua. Ruhan says it’s not important. Gazal questions Ruhan for doubting her. She says that Haider’s opinion is important for her as she has a relationship with him before others. When Ruhan inquires about Gaza and her relationship, she responds with friendship.

Ruhan says that Gazal should be friends with Dua, as she supported her when Haider was strictly against her and wanted to kick her out of the house. Ruhan questions Gazal about her relationship with Haider. Gazal says that currently Dua is against her, so she needs Haider’s support. Ruhan holds her hand and asks what she was doing with Haider late at night. Gazal thinks it’s hard to manipulate Ruhan. The episode ends.


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