Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Gulnaaz confronting Raahat about the secret that he was hiding from her. She lashes out at him and talks disrespectfully. He gets furious at her and proclaims that the secret had ruined his first marriage and now is trying to affect his second marriage too. He declares that he won’t let it ruin anything else and decides to tell the truth to Gulnaaz.

She smirks as her plan gets successful and lies that she won’t talk about it. Meanwhile, he warns her that it should remain between them and prohibits her from telling anyone else. He was about to start narrating about the secret when Dua comes there and stops him. Here, Dua comes forward and stands in between Gulnaaz and Raahat. She confronts him and says that he is doing wrong.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update

She asks him not to tell anyone’s secret to others and states that if it is related to Hina then he should take her permission first before notifying about it to Gulnaaz. The latter gets furious at Dua for interrupting and lashes out at her. She gives a befitting reply to Gulnaaz. Dua makes Raahat understand that he was not doing right by revealing the secret.

She reminds about Hina’s thrust upon him while he gets silent. At that time Hina comes there hearing their loud noises and asking about the matter. Dua tells her about the incident while Gulnaaz asks them not to interfere in a husband and wife’s conversation. Dua confronts the latter and says that the secret involves Hina and so she has full right to speak about it.

Elsewhere, Hina also takes a stand for Dua and prohibits Raahat from telling the secret to anyone. Gulnaaz gets furious and proclaims that when Haider will marry someone else and will hide some secret from Dua, then she will realize her turmoil. Dua gets shocked by her words while Gulnaaz questions what she will do at that time.

Hina takes a stand for Dua against Gulnaaz and proclaims that she won’t bear anything against Haider and Dua’s relationship. Meanwhile, Dua replies that she will break her relationship with Haider if anything like that happens to her. Meanwhile, Dua tells Raahat that he had already given so much pain to Hina and asks him not to break her trust by revealing the secret.

Ahead, Dadi also comes there and scolds Dua for putting accusations against his son. She states that he has done everything within the limit of their religion, while Dua replies that their religion has told them not to do even a small differentiation between the wives, but in Hina’s case she has suffered a lot along with her kids. Dadi also makes Raahat understand that he should not tell the truth to Gulnaaz, as she will use it against them.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Haider gets irked by Gazal and tries to get out of the curtain. At that time Ruhaan comes there and helps them to get untangled. Haider leaves there furious while Gazal tries to find the secret from Ruhaan but gets unsuccessful. She then proclaims to find the truth through someone else and determines to know about the secret anyhow. Meanwhile, Gulnaaz gets angry at Dua for ruining her plan.

Further, a Moulana comes to Akhtar’s house and warns them about the difficulty they were about to bear. He asks them to be careful of the dangers, while everyone gets worried. Dua takes his blessings while he says that she is about to face something really difficult and asks her to be aware. She gets worried about Haider and asks about him, while the Moulana says that she is there to protect her husband but warns her to be careful regarding herself.

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