Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Dua returning back to her house and notifying Hina about Gazal accepting the job at Haider’s office. She says that finally Hina’s burden is over and she can stay peaceful. She also states that Gazal will have money to pay her bills and won’t suffer anymore.

Dua then goes back to her room in order to complete the work she left. Whereas, Ruhaan also gets happy for Gazal and plays carrom with his sisters Noorie and Qayanath. Dadi gets shocked learning about Gazal doing a job in their office and proclaims that it will bring more problems to them. She asks what if she found the truth?

Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Here, Dadi warns Hina and states that Gazal is really sharp and if she finds the truth then she won’t spare them. She proclaims that the latter will make their life miserable and all the happiness will go away from their kid’s life. Raahat and Hina get worried after hearing Dadi’s words and try to find a solution. Dadi asks Hina to do something to remove Gazal from Haider’s sight, while the latter decides to have a conversation with Dua.

Hina proclaims that she will ask Dua to give some other job to Gazal and remove her from their company. She was about to go there when they spots Gulnaaz sitting in front of them. They all get shocked and worry that she had heard their conversation. They get tensed thinking about their secret getting revealed, but then Raahat notices the earphones on Gulnaaz’s ears and gets relieved.

Elsewhere, Raahat tells the good news to Dadi and Hina and they get elated. Gulnaaz smirks and proclaims that she will do anything to find the truth and states that her plan never backfires. Meanwhile, Hina goes inside Dua’s room and sees her working. She asks the latter to give some other job to Gazal and remove her from Haider’s office. Dua gets confused and asks about the reason.

Hina tells that she doesn’t want Haider to find out the truth and so it will be better for Gazal to stay away from there. Dua advises Hina to tell the truth to Haider while the latter gets shocked and prohibits Dua from doing it. She proclaims that the latter will try to go to the depth of the secret after learning about it and it will bring misery to their life. Whereas, Haider starts torturing Gazal and asks her to clean the office.

Ahead, Gazal denies doing the cleaning and shows her certificates to Haider. She says that she is qualified as a designer and won’t do any other work. Haider smirks and tears all the certificates of Gazal making her shocked. He insults her in front of his employees while she gives him a befitting reply. She states that she won’t do any other work rather than what she is qualified for and determined to teach him a lesson.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Haider gets furious at Gazal and takes her inside his cabin. He lashes out at her stating that no one has talked to her in such a bad manner, to which she tells him about the way he tortures her. He proclaims to throw her out of his office, while she smirks and proclaims that she will show it to Dua and will make her realize that her husband has double standards. Haider gets tensed and stops Gazal from leaving. Ravi reminds Haider about the meeting and he assures him to join them.

Further, Gazal thinks that Haider is trying to hide some secret and determines to find out it. Meanwhile, Gazal tries to jump away from the window in order to escape but Haider stops her and the curtain falls upon them. They get into an eyelock, where Gulnaaz confronts Raahat and ask him to tell the truth. He stays silent while she starts shouting at him, he gets furious seeing her misbehaving and decides to tell her the truth.

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