Rabb Se Hai Dua 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Haider informs Dadi about Dua and Gazal’s changed equation. He requests that she wake up. Dadi doesn’t respond. Ruhaan and Haider discuss the stuff that Dadi likes in order to excite her. Nothing affects her. Haider loses self-control. Haider, Rahat asked him to calm down. Haider cries and requests Dadi to react. Haider says that Dadi always wanted him and Rahat to sort out their differences and stay like father and son. He and Rahat share a hug.

Haider contacts Rahat Abbu and begs forgiveness. Rahat admits his mistakes. Haider asks Dadi to bless them. He says that he can’t take Dadi’s silence and wishes to hear her voice. Ruhan asks Haider to have faith, as he believes that his and Gazal’s marriage will surely cure Dadi. Dadi gets restless. Ruhaan says that Dadi is giving hints. Dadi bashes Ruhaan in her mind. Rahat believes that it’s a good sign and that Dadi will get cured soon.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dadi feels helpless and prays for a miracle to expose Gaza. Later, Dua cries for Dadi and wishes to know what she wanted to discuss with her in a secret room. Dua asks Dadi to help her by saying what happened to her that day. Mumtaz brings Dadi’s favorite sattu. Dua feeds it to Dadi. Dadi makes applesauce because it has less sugar. Mamtaz understands her expressions.

Dua gets an idea and asks her to read Dadi’s expression. Mumtaz agrees. Dua thanks God for helping her. She is optimistic that Gaza will finally be exposed. Dua asks Dadi a few general questions. Mumtaz reads Dadi’s face and answers him correctly. Dua gets astonished. She asks Mumtaz how she can read Dadi’s expression so flawlessly. Mumtaz says it’s simple.

If the answer is yes, Dad blinks once, and if the answer is no, he blinks twice. Dua goes to ask the most important question. Mumtaz says that she is ready and asks Dadi if she is too. Dadi blinks once. Hina comes there and asks Dua what’s happening there. Dua tells her about their newly found solution. Hina requests that Mumtaz inform Dua of what she wishes to learn from Dadi.

Dua says that she just wants to know if it was an accident or if Gazal pushed her. Hina asks Dua to stop it and let Dadi rest peacefully. Dadi bashes Hina in her mind. Mumtaz reads her expressions again. Hina scolds her and asks Dua to stop her investigations. She asks Dua to cure Dadi. She orders Mumtaz to leave for her house. Hina leaves. Dua tells Dadi that she will cure her son and punish her offender.

Dadi wishes to tell Dua that Gazal pushed her off the stairs and she was planning to spoil Dua and Haider’s marriage. Dua seeks Dadi’s blessings. Gazal gives medicine to Hina. Hina praises her and gives her blessings. Gazal wishes to give poison to Hina one day. Gazal tells Hina that she is tired as the Akhtar family has not accepted her yet. Hina asks Gazal not to misunderstand Dua. She tells Gazal that Dua has found a solution. Gaza gets worried and plans to know about it.


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