Rabb Se Hai Dua 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Noor cries before Gulnaaz and Gazal for her phone. She asks Gulnaaz to ask Dadi about her phone. Gazal tells Noor that Dua has her phone. Noor is in disbelief, as Dua was also looking for her phone. Gazal signals at Gulnaaz. Gulnaaz tells Noor that Dua was acting; she stole Noor’s phone.

Gazal says that Dua must be checking his phone to learn about Noor’s affair if any. She advises Noor to snatch her phone from Dua. Gulnaaz tongue-lashes Dua for doubting Noor. Noor agrees with Gazal. She hugs her, praises her, and thanks her. Noor leaves to snatch her phone from Dua. Noor meets Dua and demands her phone back. She blasted Dua for stealing her phone.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dua says that she just wants to check something on her phone. Noor slams Dua for doubting her. Qainat asks Noor to keep patience and have faith in Dua. Noor refuses. Qainat tells Noor that there is an important video on the phone. Gazal and Gulnaaz try to steal the phone secretly. Dua catches them red-handed and takes the phone back.

Dua says that she is sure now that there must be something in the phone that can expose Gaza. Noor demands her phone. Dua says Noor will get the phone back after she thoroughly checks it and asks Noor to leave. Noor cries and leaves. Dua switches on the phone. Gazal, Gulnaaz, start praying. Dua sees that Dadi could not record the video properly.

Noor complains about Dua to Hina. Hina asks Dua to return Noor’s phone. Dua says that she is searching for evidence on the phone. Hina doesn’t listen to her and gives the phone to Noor. Noor becomes happy. Gulnaaz snatches it from Noor’s hand. Gulnaaz deletes the video. Hina asks Gulnaaz to give Noor her phone. Gulnaaz gives it back. Noor thanks, Hina.

Hina asks Qainat to stop following Dua all the time and concentrate on her studies. Dua confronts Gazal. Gazal laughs at her. She asks Dua what’s next. Dua says that she will wait for the correct time. Gazal says that she is waiting to marry Haider. Dua feels apprehensive. Dua offers prayers to God. Haider admires her. Dua cries. Haider asks her what happened. Dua wonders how to unmask Gazal and stop her from destroying her married life.

Dua tells Haider that he means the world to her and that his smile is enough to light up her world. Haider says that Dua is God’s gift for him. He kisses Dua and hugs her. Gazal sees them and says that soon Haider will be saying the same things for her. Ruhan comes and shocks Gaza. Gazal says that she wants a relationship like Haider and Dua’s. Ruhan tries to fall in love with Gaza. Ruhan says that he and Gazal will be very happy after marriage.

Gazal agrees. Gazal goes to her room and calls herself very lucky. Gazal falls asleep. Gulnaaz gears up to go to Gazal’s room in order to share important information with her. A man in disguise enters Gazal’s room while she sleeps. Gazal wakes up, but the man hides. Gazal feels that someone is there and thinks that she was dreaming. She is alarmed when she notices the open door and goes to investigate. The man comes behind her and captures her.


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