Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Dadi tries hard to take Gazal’s name but fails. Gaza leaves from there. Dadi’s condition deteriorates. Akhtar’s family worries for her. Ruhan calls the doctor. Gazal packs her luggage and regrets not killing Dadi earlier. Gulnaaz mocks and criticizes her. Gazal suffocates Gulnaaz and asks her not to provoke her.

Gaza says that she is not defeated yet. She vows to take her revenge and marry Haider. She asks Gulnaaz to shed fake tears for Dadi. The doctor checks Dadi and says that she has suffered a brain stroke. He adds that Dadi has become paralyzed. Haider and Hua are in disbelief. Dua hugs Haider and cries for Dadi.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Hina cries and prays for Dadi’s speedy recovery. Gulnaaz sheds fake tears. Ruhan cries for Dadi, who is holding Hina. Gulshan gets jealous. The doctor requests that the Akhtar family care for Dadi around the clock. Dua says that she will take care of Dadi. Gulnaaz thinks that Gazal got saved again, and she has to stop her from leaving the house.

When Gaza continues to attack her, she questions whether she should really stop it. Ruhan says that he will ask forgiveness from Dadi once she recovers, and he will never go against her wish hereafter. He also prays for her recovery. Hina says that she will ask for forgiveness too.

The Akhtar family shares a hug. Gulnaaz thinks that she needs Gazal to teach lessons to Hina, Haider, and Dua. Gazal gears up to leave the house secretly. Gulnaaz informs her about Dadi’s condition and asks her to stay back. Gaza becomes happy. Gazal tells Gulnaaz about the phone and says that they will get exposed if anyone else finds that phone.

Gulnaaz tells Gazal that she knows where the phone can be found. Ruhan sees Gazal’s bag and asks her if she is leaving. Gulnaaz says that Gazal is going to distribute clothes among the poor for Dadi’s speedy recovery. She says that Gazal loves Dadi a lot.

Ruhan praises Gaza. Ruhan asks Gazal to meet Dadi first of all. Gazal agrees and goes with him. Noor worries about her phone. Gulnaaz asks her about it. Noor says that her phone is lost. Noor tells her that she taught Dadi how to record a video. Gulnaaz gets shocked. Ravi informs Dua that Gazal was attempting to leave the house and that she must be concealing something. Dua says she feels the same.

Ravi asks Dua to stay alert and leaves. Hina asks Gazal to meet Dadi. Gulnaaz feels nervous. Dadi becomes agitated when he sees Gaza. Hina says that Dadi is responding after seeing Gazal. Dua asks Hina to remove Gazal from there as Dadi’s condition is worsening. Hina disagrees and says that Dadi may want to share something with Gazal.

Dadi thinks that she wants to say that Gazal is a murderer who tried to kill her. Hina and Dua stick to their beliefs. Hina says that Dadi wants to say something about her accident and asks her to speak up. Dadi cries. Gazal hides behind Gulnaaz. Gulnaaz says that she knows what Dadi wants to say. She says that Dadi wants Ruhaan and Gazal to get married soon. Dua is in disbelief. The episode ends.


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