Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Haider asks Gazal to stop and says that he will not say a single word against Dua. Ruhan defends Gaza. Gazal questions Haider for always pointing fingers at her. She says that she will not tolerate any false accusations against her. She informs everyone that Dadi was looking for her and Ruhaan to discuss their marriage; she wanted to know if she and Ruhan were serious about the marriage or not.

Ruhan supports Gaza, saying that Gaza told him about this already. Gulnaaz asks Noor if Gazal is telling the truth. Noor says that she doesn’t know about all these. Flashback shows that Gulnaaz manipulates Noor into believing that Dadi met Gazal much before her accident, that they discussed marriage, and that Dadi then went to meet Dua.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update

At present, Noor says the same thing to her family. Hina says it means that Dadi is ready for Ruhaan and Gazal’s marriage. Dua says it’s impossible; Gazal has trapped Noor. Gazal makes allegations against Dua that she instigated Dadi against her and Ruhaan’s marriage. She calls Dua a liar for lying to Ruhaan about her feelings.

Gazal and Dua blame each other and have an argument. Hina asks both to stop blaming each other and says that Dadi will reveal the truth after gaining consciousness. Everyone sits down to have dinner. Dua prays to God for help so that she can unmask Gazal. Qainat sees that Noor is restless. Noor tells her that Dadi took her phone to use, and now she is not able to find it anywhere. Qainat suggests ringing her phone to find out.

Noor recalls that she kept her phone in silent mode. Gulnaaz bashes Gazal for making the blunder. Gazal says that when Dadi was praising Haider and Dua, she could not take it and pushed her off the stairs. Gulnaaz asks Gazal to forget Haider. Gazal becomes agreeable and says that she will get Haider by hook or by crook. Ravi tells Dua that she is right to doubt Gazal, as he also thinks she is not right. He informs Dua that Gazal was desperately searching for something downstairs. He asks Dua to be careful and leaves. Dua feels that Gazal must be trying to find some evidence that can bring trouble for her.

Gulnaaz tells Hina that she is still unsure about making Gazal her daughter-in-law. Hina says that Gazal is the best choice for Ruhaan. Hina also says that Dua has lost her mind. She goes on to say that Dua may be afraid of losing her position in the Akhtar family if her second daughter-in-law, Gazal, enters the picture. Gazal hears it and smiles. She thinks that Hina will not speak a single word against her hereafter. Haider asks Dua not to stress. Dua says that she can’t help as her family is in danger.

She blames Gazal for Dadi’s accident. The nurse comes in and informs them that Dadi has gained consciousness. They go to meet Dadi. Gazal, and Gulnaaz, start worrying. Gulnaaz asks Gazal to escape from there. Rahat calls Gulnaaz. Gazal wonders what she should do next. Dadi opens her eyes. Dua, Hina, thank God. Haider asks Dadi how all this happened. Dadi points a finger at Gazal and tries to say something. Dua looks at Gazal. Gazal asks God to save her this time. Gulnaaz fears the worst. The episode ends.


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