Rabb Se Hai Dua 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, the doctor asks the Akhtar family to keep Dadi under observation until she gains consciousness. He suggests keeping a nurse on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Haider agrees and says that Dadi will get cured soon. Others agree with him. Ruhan wonders if Gazal is worried for Dadi or something else.

Dua blames herself for not being there with Dadi. She cries. Haider comforts her. Rahat asks her to pray. Gazal wonders what to do now. Dua notices Gazal and gets doubtful. She wonders if Gazal is responsible for Dadi’s accident. She plans to find out the truth. Rahat worries for Dadi. Haider gives him medicine and asks him not to neglect his health.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rahat hugs him and sheds tears. Haider asks him to be positive, as Dadi will be fine soon. He leaves. Rahat blesses him. Noor tries to find her phone but fails. Gazal is concerned about the phone. Ruhan comes to meet Gazal. He says that he knows what Gaza is hiding. Gaza gets shocked. She wonders if Dua has learned her truth. She goes to say sorry to Ruhan, but Ruhan hugs her. Ruhaan asks her why she is hiding her problems from him. He praises Gazal for worrying about Dadi, who does not like her a bit. Gazal inquires about Dadi and whether she gained consciousness.

Ruhan says no, but she will be fine soon. He asks her to come for dinner. Gazal says she can’t eat in this situation. She tells Ruhaan that Dadi wanted to ask her about them and sheds fake tears. Ruhan asks her not to cry and makes her smile. He leaves and asks Gazal to come soon. Gaza worries about Dua and what she is up to. Haider asks Dua to relax. Dua says she can’t until Dadi is fine. He asks her to have faith in God. Noor worries about her phone. Haider and Dua say that they can’t see Dadi in such a condition. Haider and Hina wonder what exactly happened to Dadi.

Gaza comes there. Noor recalls Dadi’s words and tells everyone that Dadi was looking for Dua and wished to meet her in a secret room. Dua thinks that Dadi must have wanted to tell her something important about Gaza. Haider asks Dua about the secret room. Dua says that she knows who is behind Dadi’s accident. Dua tells Gazal that Dadi met her first and asks her what happened between them. Gaza acts clueless. Dua asks Noor if Dadi was looking for Gazal first. Noor says yes. Dua asks Gazal if she pushed Dadi off the stairs. Gazal says that she didn’t do anything.

Dua says that Dadi was anti-Gaza, so Gaza must have tried to get rid of her. Ruhan wonders why Dua is behind Gazal all the time. Hina begs Dua to be ashamed of falsely accusing Gazal. She defends Gazal and asks Dua what her problem is with Gazal. She says Dua is jealous of Gazal. Dua claims that there is nothing in Gaza to be envious of. Hina warns Gazal to keep quiet. Haider asks Dua why she thinks Gaza is guilty. Dua talks about her perceptions. Gazal says that Dadi wanted to meet Dua as well, so she can also accuse her. The episode ends.


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