Rabb Se Hai Dua 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Gazal tells Gulnaaz that she will break the Akhtar family into infinite pieces and that one day the whole family will go against Dua. Dua decides that she will not let Gaza succeed in its mission. Gazal vows to turn Haider against Dua and marry him. Dadi records the conversation.

She gets stunned and drops the phone by mistake. Gaza and Gulnaaz get alerts. Dadi leaves in a hurry, and she forgets to pick up the phone’s back cover, which fell to the floor. Gaza and Gulnaaz get worried and come outside. Dadi hides. Gazal finds the attachment. They spot the phone cover in Dadi’s hand. They go behind Dadi.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dadi goes to Dua’s room to show her the proof but fails to find her there. She asks Noor about Dua. Noor asks for her phone. Dadi requests that she send Dua to meet her in a private room while she has important conversations with her. Gulnaaz and Gazal secretly hear the conversation. Dua goes to Gazal’s room but doesn’t find her there. She says that she won’t let Gaza win. Dua meets Noor. Noor gives her dad’s message. Dua leaves. Dadi meets Dua in a secret room.

She informs her about Gaza’s intentions and the video. She says that now they can unmask Gazal and kick her out of Akhtar’s house. Gazal turns. Dadi is shocked to see her in place of Dua. In a flashback, Gazal steals Dua’s veil from her room in order to impersonate her and fool Dadi. She tells Dadi that she has come here to take revenge on him for her parent’s deaths. She will soon exact her revenge and obtain her love, Haider.

Dua tries to reach the secret room. Dadi says Gazal will not be successful in her mission as Haider loves Dua madly. Gazal says that he will soon hate Dua. She claims that no one can stop her and threatens Dadi with death. Dadi tongue-lashes her and says that she is going to expose Gaza immediately. Gazal tries to snatch the phone. Dadi pushes her, and she escapes.

Later, Gazal pushes Dadi off the stairs. The phone is broken when it falls to the floor. Dadi shouts, taking Dua’s name. Dadi falls from the stairs and suffers major blood loss. Dua comes there. Gaza hides. Dua gets shocked and cries upon seeing Dadi. She calls everyone there. She feels suspicious.

Gazal removes the veil from the secret room. Gazal hides in Gulnaaz’s room. Rahat, Haider, and Hina get worried when they see Dadi. Rahat asks Dua how this happened. Dua claims she has no idea why she came here other than to hear Dadi yell. Rahat calls the doctor and takes Dadi to her room.

Gulnaaz doubts it’s done by Gazal. Gazal gets restless. Gulnaaz spots the phone cover and picks it up. Gazal hopes for Dadi’s death so that she can’t inform anyone about her. She decides to search for that phone to save herself. She tries searching for it downstairs.

Ravi comes there and asks her if she is looking for something. Gazal asks him to meet others. Hina prays for Dadi. Gulnaaz sheds fake tears. Dua asks the doctor about Dadi’s condition. The doctor says that dad is fine and will gain consciousness soon. Hina and Dua thank God. Gazal thinks that she has to do something to stop Dadi. The episode ends.


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