Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Dua looking after Hina and assuring Haider that everything will be fine. She sends him inside their room stating that she will stay with Hina and will look after her. He denies proclaiming that he wants to be with his mother, but she tells him that he also needs rest and somehow convinces him to go back to their room. He finally agrees and goes to his room to sleep. Whereas, Gazal follows him and keeps recalling their moments.

She says to herself that she can’t be able to control her feelings towards him, while Gulnaaz also comes there and smirks upon hearing her confession. Here, Gulnaaz decides to use Gazal to create a rift between Haider and Dua. She thanks God for allowing her to break their relationship and proclaims to teach a lesson to Hina. She recalls how Hina snatched her son Ruhaan from her. She gets flashes of the time when Ruhaan goes against her and says that he is the son of both Hina and Gulnaaz and states that Hina matters to him more than his mother.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Gulnaaz proclaims to take her revenge on Hina and smirks seeing the growing feelings of Gazal toward Haider. Meanwhile, Dua looks after Hina and asks her to take a rest. She assures her that the latter isn’t at fault and asks her not to worry about anything. She asks her to sleep, but suddenly someone throws a stone at their window. They get shocked while Dua goes to look after the matter.

Elsewhere, Hina gets afraid and says that it’s Gazal’s mother’s ghost. She says that the ghost is trying to make her confess the truth. Dua assures Hina and somehow calms her down. She goes to check on the matter and sees a person. She follows her while Gazal goes towards Haider’s room. She tries to convince herself that she is doing wrong to Dua but couldn’t able to stop herself.

Dua sees Gazal and stops her. The latter gets shocked and lies to her. Dua questions what Gazal is doing near her room. Which the latter makes an excuse that she was trying to find Dua only as she wanted to have water. Dua gets suspicious about Gazal and the latter goes back to her room avoiding Dua. Meanwhile, Gulnaaz comes there and smirks seeing them.

Ahead, Gulnaaz smirks seeing her plan work, and gets an idea to provoke Gazal against Hina and Dua. The latter goes inside Gazal’s room and tries to instigate her against Hina. She says that the latter must have known Gazal’s mother and asked her to talk to Hina about it. She also asks her to find out the truth.

Gazal says that Hina and Dua always helped her and she denies doubting them. But, Gulnaaz gets successful in creating certain misconceptions inside Gazal’s head against Hina. The latter thinks about finding the truth, while Haider and Ruhaan look after Hina. They enjoy their time together while Dua also joins them.

Further, Hina sees the newspaper and again gets flashes of the past. She gets an attack while Dua comforts her. Meanwhile, they all have food together while Haider gets romantic with Dua. Gazal sees them and gets jealous. She tries to go away from there but Ruhaan stops her. She intentionally breaks the glass to divert Haider and Dua’s attention, while everyone looks toward her.

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