Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, the commissioner and his wife knock on the door and call Malhar. Ravi wonders what to do. He wears Malhar’s attire and sehra to meet them. He comes out. They greet him and praise Pratiksha. Ravi gets irked. Parul comes there and calls for him to go downstairs and sit in the mandap. Ravi leaves for the mandap.

He recalls that he didn’t lock the room. He comes back. He sees Malhar is coming back to his senses. He again hits him with a vase. Malhar faints again. Ravi ties his mouth, closes the door, and leaves. Pratiksha tells Kinjal that she is feeling weird. She sees the groom and takes Ravi’s name. Kinjal asks her if she is sure about marrying Malhar.

Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Pratiksha says yes; she just feels that there is something wrong somewhere. She wonders why she is thinking about Ravi on her big day. She thinks that she will never forget what Ravi did to her. Nupur confronts Deepanshu and Aditya. Aditya reveals that Ravi has gone to stop Pratiksha‘s marriage, and Deepanshu is acting there. Nupur scolds them. She defends Pratiksha, saying Ravi is not going to punish her.

Aditya says that he has seen Ravi’s suffering, so he had to support him. Nupur requests that they notify their family of everything. Aditya asks that she remain silent for a while. Nupur leaves. Aditya follows her. She goes to Kavya’s room. Kavya talks to her friend over the phone. She expresses her happiness to her.She spots Nupur and asks her what happened. Aditya signals Nupur to keep quiet. Nupur tells Kavya that she has come to congratulate her. She hugs Kavya. Later, Aditya thanks her.

Nupur says that she is hiding the truth for Kavya’s sake because she doesn’t want to spoil her happiness. Aditya asks her to keep silent for a while, sometimes more, as Ravi will return before the pheras. Nupur says that she has to reveal the truth if Ravi doesn’t show up before the pheras. Ravi and Pratiksha sit in the mandap for marriage. Pandit starts the marriage procedure.

Pratiksha is asked to put her hand on the groom’s hand. Pratiksha feels weird after putting her hand out. She thinks about Ravi. She wonders why she can’t stop thinking about Ravi, no matter what. She feels disturbed. Ravi takes vows in his mind that he will steal Pratiksha’s happiness after the marriage. She will become Pratiksha Ravi Randhawa and stop living her life.

The marriage will become her lifelong punishment, from which she will crave an escape. He also thinks that Pratiksha will always regret killing Keerti and inviting her destruction in the form of Ravi. Pratiksha convinces herself that she did not murder Keerti and that she is innocent; she wishes for Keerti to appear from nowhere and inform Ravi of the truth. She again decides not to think about Ravi on her special day.

Parul still wishes that Ravi appears from somewhere and marries Pratiksha in place of Malhar. The pandit asks the groom to tie the mangalsutra. Hansa says that she gave the mangalsutra to Malhar earlier. She asks Malhar to go get it from his room. Pratik asks Hansa to bring it from Malhar’s room. Ravi is concerned because he did not properly conceal Malhar in the room.

Malhar gains consciousness and recalls whatever happened. He gets confused and tries to find his clothes. Hansa comes to the room. Malhar gets shy and hides in a corner. Hansa finds the mangalsutra. Malhar decides to show up before Hansa. Hansa gets shocked and shouts loudly upon seeing Malhar. Everyone hears her scream and gets shocked. The marriage gets halted. The episode ends.


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