Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Pratiksha tells Ravi that she didn’t kill Keerti and their last meeting was fantastic, they got to know more about each other. Ravi asks her why she comes his way again and again. He curses Pratiksha that she will always remain alone just like him and that she will also not get her love like him. Kinjal, and Parul cry over the fact that Ravi is misbehaving with Pratiksha. Police ask Pratiksha to accompany them for further investigations. Pratik defends Pratiksha saying that she can’t murder anyone. Kinjal and Parul also say the same.

Inspector shows the arrest warrant to Pratik. Ravi tells Pratiksha that he will make sure that she stays alone her whole life. Pratiksha again tells Ravi that she is innocent, their meetings were nothing but coincidences. Ravi shows Pratiksha her earring and asks her how it reached Keerti’s accident spot. Malhar gets thoughtful. Pratiksha recalls her meeting with Keerti and says that she hugged her that day so her earring might get stuck in Keerti’s dress. Ravi asks her to not make stories. Pratik shouts at Ravi saying that he is mistaken and he will clear the air very soon.

Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Ravi tells Pratiksha that she will lose everything like Ravi and will get punished for her deeds. He leaves. Pratiksha gets arrested. Hansa asks Malhar to save Pratiksha. Malhar says that he will do something. He feels thankful as he got saved. He thinks that he will not let his would-be wife stay in jail for long. Pratiksha is taken to the police van.

The neighbors gossip about her. Kinjal and Parul hug her and says that she is innocent. Police say that it’s a high-profile murder case. Pratiksha asks her sisters to not cry as Pratik will do something and she will be back soon. The Lady constable says that it’s a murder case so Pratiksha will not be back soon.

Ravi thinks that Pratiksha is lucky to hug her near ones for the last time unlike him. Pratiksha looks at Ravi and sits in the van. Jugni again gives her predictions that everything is destined and this is not the beginning of a story but a legend. Ravi drives a car and recalls Keerti. Pratik tells Hansa that Ravi is an influential person so he also needs to contact someone powerful to save Pratiksha. Hansa says that Malhar’s reputation is at stake because of Pratiksha.

Pratik says that he doesn’t care about anyone else except Pratiksha. He calls someone. Pratiksha is put behind the bars. She tells the inspector that she is innocent. Inspector mocks her and says that proofs are against her. He doubts that Pratiksha might kill Keerti for money. Pratiksha says that she prayed for the victim. Inspector asks her to produce proof of her support.

The car owner and his employee Ankush come to the police station. Inspector tells them about the accident. Ankush mentions Malhar. Pratiksha hears their conversation and gets to know that Malhar brought that rental car. Ankush recalls Malhar’s words and decides to not open his mouth to avoid any problems. Pratiksha talks to the owner and Ankush and gets to know that Malhar gave them 5000 rupees for the damage.

She recalls whatever happened on that day and wonders why Malhar was behaving weirdly that day. She wonders how he got to know about Keerti’s accident when he was not present in the accident spot, and why he sat/hid in the back seat during Naka checking when it’s not an offense to drink and sit in the car’s passenger seat. She wonders if Malhar is responsible for Keerti’s accident. The episode ends

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