Pushpa Impossible 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Pushpa Impossible 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Pushpa getting shocked by Dileep in the crowd but it’s her hallucination. Saran holds her when she’s about to faint. Pushpa feels like something bad is about to happen but Saran sir doesn’t take it seriously. Pushpa recalls her dream. Jogi sees Dharam at the airport and he calls him to confirm his car number. He says that he would message the address soon.

Raghu is having food in the dhaba and the Police think it’s Jogi due to the tracker. Jogi asks Bala to hit Dharam’s car with his truck. Bala does as he says and Dharam’s car meets with an accident. His car catches fire but Dharam manages to escape with injuries. Pushpa again dreams of Dileep barging into her house.

Pushpa Impossible 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

She wakes up shouting her children’s names. Pushpa scolds them for leaving her and going. They say that they are with her and ask where would they go leaving her. Pushpa says that she’s getting a bad dreams for the past few days. She says that they leave her and go and don’t come back no matter how much she calls them. She asks them to not leave her and go no matter what. They promise her hugging that they won’t go anywhere leaving her and asks her to smile.

Dharam is taken away in the ambulance and Bala informs Jogi. The doctor says to Police that he’s very critical and asks them to inform his family. They agree. Pushpa is studying in front of the weaving machine. She shares with Deepti how Ashwin’s job was at risk due to Bapodhara and wonders what would they do when he really loses his job.

Deepti agrees with her as now even she doesn’t have a job. Pushpa blames herself for the pen drive issue but Deepti asks her not to. They discuss how Chirag cried seeing her injury. She by mistake sees three kids and Deepti gets upset. Pushpa coaxes her. Mansi visits Sunny and says to him about his father naming his share on Bapodhara and dying right after.

Pushpa Impossible 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

She manipulates him according to her saying. Ashwin thanks Chirag for warning about Manisa and securing his job. He also asks him to be careful in the future. Prarthana says her father that what he did is unethical but Bapodhara doesn’t mind. Susheela also says the same when Pushpa comes there. Bapodhara avoids her and them all laugh. Pushpa finds Prarthana upset with Chirag and asks her not to cut ties with him.

She asks Chirag what’s the issue and Chirag says about their fight. Baskar says to Pushpa about taking up a new stream of a career as life Insurance. Jogi and Bala plan to ill Dharam in the hospital. DCP arrests Raghua and learns about Jogi’s plan to ill Dharam using Mansi for the previous enmity. Bala comes to the hospital disguised as Police while DCP informs Mansi about Dharam’s accident.

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