Pushpa Impossible 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update

Pushpa Impossible 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Jogi’s gang getting alerted by seeing Police. Chirag pretends like he’s still fainted. They try to run away with him. Pushpa is very much worried about Chirag and pleads with Deepti to call Manisha and find out about Chirag. Deepti calls Manisha and asks him about Chirag. Manish says whatever happened and how Chirag is helping police with catching the culprits.

He asks her to keep it from Pushpa as per Police’s order. Deepti gives the phone to Pushpa who asks about Chirag. Manish lies that Chirag called him before leaving the workshop and says that he left with some friends and will be back soon. Pushpa cuts the call thanking him. DCP searches the place and says that she wants to catch them alive.

Pushpa Impossible 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update

They left Chirag outside unable to run with him. DCP rescues him and asks if he’s fine. He says that he’s fine and just got hit in the end. She asks if he heard any of their talks. Chirag says about their plan to kidnap his brother’s Boss Mansi Raidhan and DCP thanks him. They escape and DCP sends him home. She also asks him to keep whatever happened a secret and he agrees.

Pushpa’s palm gets hurt by a nail but she’s too worried to notice it. Chirag comes there and Pushpa hugs him in relief. She scolds him for being so late without informing him. He says that he left to help Manoj with a case. Pushpa asks him to stop getting into dangerous jobs as she’s worried for him. Chirag says he’s fine and asks her not to worry. He notices her wound and everyone panics.

He ties the kerchief around her palm and everyone takes her in. Chirag stops Ashwin behind and says that some people are planning to kidnap his Boss and asks him to alert her. He refuses to give any more details. The next day, Deepti takes Chirag aside and asks if he has any connection with the smuggling. Chirag promise that he doesn’t but also refuses to give in more details as per Police’s request.

Pushpa Impossible 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update

Rashi shares with Pushpa about Atharva helping her with getting the food items for the stall and they get excited to set up for the same. Deepti came to collect her things from the cabin when she finds Bapodahra leaving for Mr. Oberoi’s cabin. She hears him saying about Mansi’s offer and how he turned it down. Mr. Oberoi says his legal team will solve it legally and reminds him to not backstab him.

He threatens him with his father’s will and his brother’s suicide. Deepti hears it all but can’t understand anything. Police wait outside Mansi’s office while Ashwin says to her about Bapodhara being threatened by the Janani Group. He also warns her about the kidnap and Mansi thanks him for his concern. She leaves in her car and both Police and Jogi follow her.

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