Pushpa Impossible 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Pushpa Impossible 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Chirag and Rishi and Chirag discussing having their own rooms. Chirag says only himself, Ashwin and Pushpa will have rooms as she would go to her in-law’s house. She beats him and everyone laughs at their banter. Pushpa says that she can’t believe Bapodhara is doing something good for the chawl people. Ashwin says that more than them it’s he who’s going to be benefitted from the redevelopment project.

Pushpa says that she knew that he wouldn’t do anything without profit of his own. She wonders about where to stay till the redevelopment happens. Ashwin says that they need to find an alternative place till the redevelopment takes place and the company will pay for their stay. Pushpa is with Kaku who says that she is not interested in the redevelopment process as the more space in the house the lonelier she feels.

Pushpa Impossible 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

She wishes that the doors of the houses and the people’s hearts remain open even after their houses get changed. Baskar feels happy that though he came back before having a proper house the situations are in their favor now. His mother asks him to not delay anymore and plan a child while they both shy away. Bapodhara will be about to go to Surat when Mahindra stops him and asks him about moving to a better house.

Bapodhara says he would get a two-bedroom house with all amenities. Mahindra then asks about his shop for which he says he would get a departmental store replacing it too. Golu pleads with him to not get rid of the temple and Bapodhara assures the same. Susheela is adamant to find Bapodhara’s truth. She calls Bharti about the same but she refuses to give details. Bapodhara meets with Bharti and Sunny and agrees that he was in search of the will.

He says about the 150-crore redevelopment project and both Sunny and Prarthana get an equal share from it. Bharti gets happy but Sunny is still doubtful of Bapodhara. He shares his doubts with his mother and asks her not to trust him too much. Janani group CEO learn that the chawl has two owners among which one owner transferred his part of the share to the second owner too and committed suicide right after.

Pushpa Impossible 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

They decide to make use of the loopholes and Deepti hears it. She gets doubtful. Deepti shares it with Ashwin who asks her not to share her company details with him as they work for rival companies. Chirag is in the workshop when Prarthana calls him urgently. In his absence, they smuggle fake passports in his painting as if they get caught then Chirag and the workshop owner will be in trouble.

Bapodhara asks Pushpa for the sigh ed papers and asks Ashwin to explain his mother. Pushpa agrees to get the work done as it’s for the chawl people’s development. Deepti fears that her company would spoil everyone’s hope.

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