Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update: The Episode starts with Gautama saying the lights have got defeated, and the darkness has won. Malhar cries for Khanderao. Gautama says Malhar is sinking in darkness, he isn’t even talking, do something. Ahilya gets a diya to Malhar. Malhar says I don’t want to meet anyone, who did this daringness. Ahilya says I did. He asks why. Gautama lights the diyas in the room.

Malhar says this light is hurting the light. Ahilya says he has gone on Lord’s call. She consoles him. He blames himself for killing many people in the battle and putting their families in trouble. She says those were your enemies, you don’t need to feel guilty. Gangoba and Tukoji handle a matter in the Darbar. Shamsher Singh makes fun of Malwa Rajya. Tukoji gets angry. Gangoba stops him. Gautama also pacifies a broken Malhar.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

She says let me say today. She cries and says when you are with me, I get the strength to find every sorrow, you are my strength, if you do this, then how will I get peace, tell me. Shamsher asks who will we see with hope when Khanderao isn’t there. Tukoji says enough Shamsher Singh, don’t say a word. He praises Malwa’s history, present, and future.

He says a brave warrior has become a martyr, but Gangoba and I are here, you will get the services, you do your duty. Gangoba says he is right, we give you a right, deposit the tax in the royal treasures soon, or else the consequences won’t be good. Rakma smiles seeing Tukoji. Malhar cries. Ahilya asks him to have some food. Harku brings Malerao and Mukta there.

Gautama asks Malhar to see the grandchildren. She asks him to have food. Mukta asks Malhar to sit well. Mukta feeds the food to Malhar. He asks if is Dwarka fine. Ahilya says she had the food. Tukoji says we have to talk to Malhar. Gangoba says he has locked himself. Tukoji says I will talk to Ahilya. Gangoba says no, it’s better to not involve her in the matters. Tukoji asks why. Gangoba says Khanderao was alive, but not now, she is a widow, and people will oppose her. Tukoji asks will you accept her? Gangoba says no, and leaves.

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