Pishachini 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Pishachini 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ayodhya saying to Rani, who has taken the giant avatar, that she can’t win inside the temple despite becoming the most powerful Pishachini. Rani says that she can’t go inside the temple, but she can get him out of the temple. Rani attacks Dadaji using her power.

She says that she will kill Dadaji first as he captured her in the box years ago. She picks Dadaji up and swallows him. She says that she is Pralaya Pishachini, so she can swallow humans now. Pavitra, Vidya, and Rocky reach the temple. They wonder why the place is so silent and there are not even birds. Vidya says that Dadaji must be safe inside the temple as Pishachini can’t enter it. The trio goes inside the temple and searches for Dadaji.

Pavitra finds Dadaji’s Ganga water bottle lying on the ground. She picks it up and calls out to Rocky and Vidya. Pavitra asks Rocky whether they have arrived late. Rocky asks Pavitra not to give up and says that they should find Dadaji. Pavitra calls out Rani. Pavitra calls Rani a coward to attack them in hiding. She challenges Rani to come in front of her. The temple’s bells start to ring.

At Rajput’s mansion, the Rajputs hear the temple bells ringing. Sapna gets worried about Rocky, Pavitra, and Vidya. She wants to go to the temple. But Shikha stops her. She reminds Sapna that Pavitra asked them to stay in the house. Shikha and Sudhakar ask Sapna to wait. Sapna prays to God. In the temple, Rani appears in front of Pavitra, Rocky, and Vidya in her giant form. They take out their weapons to attack Rani. Rank laughs, mocking them.

Pavitra asks Rani where Dadaji is. Rani mocks Pavitra. She says that Dadaji was lecturing her, so he swallowed him like they swallow food. Pavitra, Vidya, and Rocky are shocked to hear this. She burps and says that it takes time to digest. Pavitra is unable to believe this. A furious Rocky runs towards Rani, but the latter throws him away using her power. Rocky refuses to spare Rani and has killed Dadaji. Pavitra tries to calm Rocky down. Rani mocks Pavitra and Rocky.

She says that she’s tired after attacking her victim. Pavitra stops Rani and attacks her using her divine power. To everyone’s shock, her divine power doesn’t work in front of Rani’s power. Rani says that Pavitra ruined all her dreams and turned her baby pishach against her. But none can stop her, including Rani as she’s Pralaya Pishachini now.

She laughs maniacally. Pavitra, Rocky, and Vidya are shocked when Rani takes her multiple-headed avatar for a while. Rani says that she got the power of many evil creatures who are thirsty for blood. She vows to kill each member of Pavitra’s family. She says that she has planned to kill in a special way. She says that Pavitra’s divine powers are inactive in front of her, so her defeat is inevitable. She laughs. She disappears. Pavitra bursts into tears. Rocky hugs her.

The Rajputs are shocked to learn about Dadaji’s death and cry Dadaji’s death. Pavitra says that she will always regret not being able to save him. She apologizes to the family for breaking their trust. She cries, saying that she failed. Sapna comforts Pavitra. Vidya blames herself. She regrets not fulfilling the responsibility given by Kanika to her.

Sapna and Bubli comfort Vidya and assure her that she’s not at fault. Manohar says that it’s impossible to fight against the ten-headed Rani. However, Rocky is determined to kill Rani and he is even ready to transform into a zombie again for that. Pavitra says that Rani wants to kill her and the Rajputs are the collateral damage. She says that this is her battle, so it would be better if she leaves so that the Rajputs can be safe.

Rocky says to Pavitra that Pavitra’s battle is also the Rajputs’ battle. Sapna says that Rani came to Bareilly to take revenge on them, so it was their battle, yet Pavitra fought with Rani to protect them. Shikha says that Pavitra did so much for them when she wasn’t related to them and asks how she could think about leaving the house now when she is the house’s daughter-in-law. Pavitra says that Rani became Pralaya Pishachini now.

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