Pishachini 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Pishachini 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Rani reaching Kapal mountain to find a way to achieve her goal. On the other hand, the Rajputs are happy to have food sitting together as a family after a long time. Sapna says that Rani must have left the house forever, so Pavitra doesn’t feel Rani’s presence in the house. She says that Rani doesn’t have any reason to return here as Rocky is no longer a zombie and no one wants her here.

Pavitra wishes that could be true, but she doubts that Rani’s motive isn’t only to achieve something, as she gets happiness in torturing the Rajputs and she can do anything for that. There, Rani calls out to Kapal Pishach to get a boon. Kapal Pishach warns Rani about its consequences. He says that if she wins she will have a lot of magical powers and will be able to kill even the person with the divine symbol on the palm, but she will be destroyed if she fails.

Pishachini 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update

However, Rani wants to take the risk. Kapal Pishach gives Raani the boon. Rani acquires a lot of power and becomes the most powerful pishach in the world. She takes out the baby pishach from the basket. She exclaims that she took him here to show how powerful she’s and makes him regret taking a human’s side. Rani is confident that she will win. She wants to punish baby pishach for betraying her before that. She throws baby pishach into the lava.

Here, Rocky is determined to fight and defeat Rani again if she returns. Pavitra says that she can’t be at peace till she puts an end to Rani. Sudhakar says that Pavitra can kill Rani by taking Devi’s avatar. There, Rani claims to have all of the pishach’s world’s power and to become the Pralaya Pishachini. She takes the avatar with ten heads and laughs evilly.

Pavitra misses Kanika and talks to the star. Rocky, who knew that Pavitra did this every night, took Sapna to Pavitra to boost her mood. Sapna asks Pavitra to give her a chance to become her mother. Pavitra hugs Sapna feeling emotional. The Rajputs join them. They dance and sing and happily share a family moment. They share a group hug.

Pishachini 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Late at night, Rocky and Pavitra are shown sleeping. Pavitra dreams of Rani with ten heads. She wakes up startled and grows anxious. Rocky wakes up and asks Pavitra what happened. Pavitra says that she dreamed of Rani. She says that Rani’s avatar was scary. She had ten heads and seemed to be more powerful than before. Pavitra is scared that Rani is planning something big and wonders what could be her plan.

Pavitra and Rocky search for any information related to Rani’s avatar with ten heads in Pavitra’s grandfather’s notes so that they can save their family from Rani’s next attack. Rani takes a taller avatar and arrives in front of the Rajputs’ mansion. She looks into Pavitra and Rocky’s room through the window and wonders where Pavitra has gone. She laughs, wondering if Pavitra has already lost her sleep thinking about her. Meanwhile, Pavitra says to Rocky that Rani is going to do something big, so they should be prepared for that.

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