Pishachini 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Pishachini 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Kanika asking the Rajputs to take care of Pavitra after her death. Sapna assures Kanika that Pavitra will always be treated and loved as a daughter of this family. Sudhakar expresses his gratitude to Kanika, who saved the Rajputs from trouble. Kanika says that it is their family’s responsibility to fight evil and she just kept that responsibility.

Kanika says to Pavitra that it’s time for her to leave her. Pavitra refuses to let go of Kanika as she thinks that she’s not capable of doing anything alone. Kanika says to Pavitra that she’s not alone as she has the divine power of their ancestors. She says that Pavitra is the fruit of the good deeds that their ancestors did for generations. She says that Pavitra is their protector. Pavitra says that she’s strong enough to bear her loss.

Pishachini 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update

She says that Kanika raised her when she lost her parents at a young age. She says that Kanika never made her feel that she was an orphan. She asks Kanika why she’s leaving her now, making her an orphan. Kanika says that it is the rule of nature that those who are born have to die one day. She asks Pavitra to carry forward their family’s tradition. She asks to use her divine power for the right only and support those who are right.

Pavitra promises Kanika to always fight for her rights. Kanika says that she always trusted Pavitra. She says that she loves Pavitra and she is proud of her before dying. Pavitra shouts at her aunt and cries hard. After three days, Rani is shown walking on the road with the basket in which her baby is. Rani laments and vows to take revenge on Pavitra.

She scolds her baby pishach for supporting Pavitra against her. She stops on seeing a group of villagers standing with fire torches. She takes her pishachini form to kill them. She thinks that she’s weak now, so she decides not to waste her power on killing them, instead to find a way to kill Pavitra. The villagers ask Rani to go away, stating that the areas where humans live. Rani thinks absorbing their power by killing them. Rani spits fire and burns them.

Pavitra is crying, Kanika. She fakes a smile when Rocky calls her out. Rocky understands this and says to Pavitra that she hides her pain in front of him so that he doesn’t get worried about her. Rocky reminds Pavitra that they’re life partners and should share their sorrow. He says that he can Pavitra’s sorrow of losing Kanika who brought her up.

He asks Pavitra not to hide her pain in front of him and express it. Pavitra says that she’s unlucky, so she lost her parents first, and now Kanika. She says that she’s alone and cries. Rocky hugs Pavitra and reassures her. Rocky says that he is with her and promises to be at her side till death. Pavitra thanks Rocky for taking care. Pavitra says that she should complete Kanika’s incomplete work. Rocky agrees with Pavitra. They decide to do it together.

Sapna and Bubli discuss Pavitra. They decide never to let Pavitra feel lonely. Just then, Pavitra and Rocky arrive there. Bubli wonders where Vidya is. Just then, Vidya appears in front of them. Rocky advises Vidya to stop meditating continuously to master the power of imitators and give rest to her body. Vidya refuses.

Pavitra says that Vidya needs to focus on her aim. She asks Vidya to have all her focus on something that she wants to transform into. Vidya first transforms into a child, then a hen. Rocky teases Vidya and asks her to take her own form. Vidya transforms into Rani, shocking the Rajputs. Vidya takes her original form and apologizes to the Rajputs. Rocky asks Vidya to never take Rani’s form.

Pishachini 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Dadaji asks the family not to forget that she’s still roaming free. Dadaji wishes that they should have captured Rani. Rocky says that Rani won’t dare to come in front of them of facing defeat. Pavitra says that Rani must be fuming in a rage after her shameful defeat. Sudhakar wonders where she’s now. Vidya says that she can’t trace her.

Rocky says that they should track Rani and put an end to her. Bubli wonders whether Rani isn’t hiding in this house. Pavitra says that she’s not here as she can sense her. Pavitra further says that they should be prepared to face Rani’s attack as she must be planning to attack them. Rani reaches a mountain and says that this is the way that will take her toward her goal.

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