Pishachini 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Pishachini 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Rani asking the fire-spitting snakes to kill the Rajputs. The snake is about to spit fire on the Sapna, Shikha, Bubli, and Manohar, but Pavitra comes in front of them and protects them from the fire by creating a shield using her divine power. Rani is shocked to see this. Rocky reassures them. Sapna worries about Sudhakar. Rocky goes to find Sudhakar and Dadaji.

Rocky hears their screams for help and goes to them. Here, Pavitra notices that Kanika and Vidya are missing and go to find them. Meanwhile, Kanika and Vidya are trapped and attacked by a snake. On the other hand, Sudhakar and Dadaji are trapped by another snake. Rocky saves them from the snake. They join the remaining family.

Pishachini 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rani says that no one can be saved from the poisonous snakes. She orders a snake to bite Vidya. Kanika comes in front of Vidya to save her and gets bitten by the snake. Rocky and Pavitra rush to Kanika, hearing Vidya’s scream. Kanika is critical, but she asks Pavitra to go to save the Rajputs. Pavitra refuses to go, leaving Kanika in that condition. Rocky wants to take Kanika to the hospital, but Kanika refuses, saying that she doesn’t have that much time.

Kanika points out Rani to them. Rani laughs evilly and says that the final entertainment is still pending. Rani uses jee power and a five-headed sneak appears. Rani says to Rocky and Pavitra that their family is going to die because of Rocky’s betrayal and Pavitra won’t be able to save them. Pavitra runs to the family and tries to protect the Rajputs from the fire by creating a shield using her divine.

Pavitra says to Rani that she can’t even touch her family’s hair till she’s alive. Rani orders the five-headed snake to attack the Rajputs and burn them into ashes. Pavitra takes Devi’s avatar, which surprises the Rajputs and shocks Rani. Pavitra flies and lands on the head of the snake. A Trishul appears in her hand. She destroys the five-headed snake using Trishul. The Rajputs get on their knees folding their hands. Rani is stunned to see this.

Pavitra spits fire on Rani. The latter gets scared. She thinks that she can’t defeat Pavitra in her Devi avatar. So she flees from there, taking baby Pishach. Pavitra falls to the ground after taking human form. Rocky and the Rajputs run to Pavitra. Sapna says to Pavitra that she saved all of them. They hear Kanika wincing in pain. They rush to Kanika. Pavitra says to Kanika that she won’t let anything happen to her. She asks Rocky to take her to the hospital. But Kanika says that it’s time for her to leave.

Pishachini 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Vidya cries and says that Kanika always saved them and there should be some way to save her. Kanika says that there’s no way to save her from the poison of fire-spitting snakes, so she can’t be saved. Vidya feels guilty that Kanika got bitten while trying to save her and wants to do something for her. Kanika gives all her power to Vidya by touching the middle of the eyebrows.

She says that her journey is going to end, so Vidya should carry forward the responsibilities of Nashak. Vidya says that she’s not capable of it. Kanika asks Vidya to believe in herself and promises her. Vidya obliges. Kanika then asks Rocky to promise to take care of Pavitra. Rocky does so. Kanika asks Pavitra to seek Hanumanji’s help for any trouble.

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