Parineetii 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Parineet informing Neeti that Rakesh is coming near them. They ran from there. Rakesh doubts who they are. He has already tied Neeti inside. The door was locked from the outside. It’s impossible for Rajeev or Parineet to enter inside without the goons’ knowledge. He wishes to concentrate on Neeti. Later, Rajeev takes a lift to reach the spot. He converses with Neeti’s photograph.

He says to her that he is aware she isn’t well. He is coming to save Neeti and her baby. His phone slipped from his grasp. He thinks that glass may be broken, but not their true love. He is determined to save her. Meanwhile, Rakesh asks the goons about Neeti. Goons inform him that Neeti escaped with Parineet. He asked them, “Why didn’t they alert him?” He informs Rakesh that Parineet threw chilly powder into their eyes and escaped from there.

Parineetii 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Parineetii 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rakesh demands the goons find Parineet asap. Rakesh is frustrated with the situation. He thinks that he won’t allow anyone to stop his wedding today. Rajeev searches for Neeti. Parineet hears a footstep and hides. Rakesh notices Rajeev and talks with him in an irritating tone. Rajeev asks him about Neeti and Parineet. Rakesh asks him what his problem is. He is always hurting Parineet. He saw her crying in the hospital. Why is he often coming between him and Parineet?

He assures him that he will treat Parineet as a queen after he marries her. Rajeev tells him that whatever happens between him and Parinee is his. He doesn’t need to poke his head into it. Rakesh says that he isn’t coming between them, but Neeti is. Doesn’t she come between them? Rajeev asks him to stop blabbering.

Neeti says to Parineet that she feels pain in her abdomen. She wants to meet the doctor. Rajeev warns Rakesh that he will ruin his father’s political career. Rakesh says that Neeti said the same thing to him. Both have connections. Rakesh informs him that Parineet has already arrived. She came to marry him.

He will definitely marry her. Rakesh and Rajeev are fighting with each other. Rakesh says that he will take pehras in front of his dead body. Parineet hears the fighting sounds. Rajeev warns them to stay there. He says to Parineet that his political party is important to him. He won’t do anything to him.

Rakesh ordered Munna to shoot at him. Parineet agrees to marry him out of fear. Rajeev asks her to stop blabbering. He won’t do anything to him. Parineet tells him that his life is in danger. Neeti comes between them. Munna shoots at her. Neeti collapsed on the floor. Rakesh escapes from there. The police had arrived. He asks Rajeev to take Neeti to the hospital.

Parineet assures Neeti that she will be okay. They admitted her to the hospital. But the nurse informs them it’s a police case. They won’t take her admission without a police complaint. Parineet argues with them in anger. Rajeev pleads with them to save her. The doctor asks them to give proper verification.

Parineetii 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Later, Bebe complained to Parminder that Parineet was a bad omen. Because of her, Neeti was in this state. She badmouthed Parineet. Parminder supports her. Bebe lashed out at her for supporting her. Babli thinks that she doesn’t know the truth. despite hurling insults at her.

She stands quiet for Parminder’s sake. Sukhwinder visited them. Bebe complains to her about Parineet and reveals the truth to her. Meanwhile, Rajeev is determined to take revenge on Rakesh. He thinks that he might pay for his deeds. His friend calls to inform him that he has almost tracked down his location. Rajeev demands that he kill Rakesh for inflicting harm on his Neeti. 


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