Parineetii 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Neeti introducing herself as Rajeev’s wife to the old man. He gets confused seeing him. Rajeev thanks him and leaves from there. Later, Parineet gains her concious. Goon alerts Leo that she got her consciousness. He tells him that he doesn’t mind. She isn’t able to escape from this lion cave. Parineet shouts for help. Leo says that he is happy to see her in such a state. Parineet searched for her mobile. Leo asks her Does she searching for it? Who will dare to help her in such a state?

Parineet asks them why are they behind her. What she did do wrong? He stops the car. Parineet pleads with him to leave her. He tells her that Rakesh is behind her like a fool. Alahawat asks him to kill her. He wants to finish his work. Parineet pleads with him to leave her. He tells her that he is giving a last chance to her. This phone has a 10% battery. She is able to talk with the person who is close to her heart for one last time. Parineet tries to use the phone. He takes the knife in his hand and beats her. She turns unconscious.

Parineetii 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajeev asks Monty to stop the car. He asks him to narrate the situation to family members. He is going to search for Parineet. Later, Parineet gains concious. She realizes that she was locked inside a box. She is shouting for help. She noticed the contact details were deleted from it. She doesn’t remember Rajeev’s number. She calls the control room. She asks for help and narrates her situation to him. Before she talks many phones disconnected due to a poor connection.

Meanwhile, Alahawat says to Leo that Sehar was his henchman but Rakesh manipulated him and take him by his side. He doesn’t know what’s going on in Rakesh’s mind. He is behind that Parineet. He has a good deal for him. He wanted to perform his wedding with a rich one. If he gets married to her it will help him at his party. His wife hears it and thinks that he isn’t giving heed to his feelings. Alahawat says to Leo that Parineet is a headache to his party.

Meanwhile, Parineet shouts for help. She thinks that she shouldn’t wait for more. She wants to do something to escape from here. Parineet calls the control room and informs him that she was locked inside a box. Police assure to help her. He says that he tried to contact her but the phone is disconnected. He asks her whether she hears some sound or not. She tells him it’s silent outside. She pleads with him to contact Neeti. She will definitely come to search for her. She asks him to contact her. He asks her to give her details. The phone gets disconnected again.

Rajeev stops the car seeing the police jeep. He doubts something happens to Parineet. Neeti asks him why did he stop the car? He hides his feelings not to make her tense. She senses it and asks him to don’t hide anything from her. They hear the strangers discussing the kidnapping incident. The situation is connected with Parineet. Rajeev and Neeti get shocked to hear it. They inquired them about Parineet. He narrated the situation to them. Neeti cries thinking about Parineet. He shares the direction with her. Neeti feels pain in her abdomen. She says to him that she feels pain in her abdomen.

Rajeev tells her that she isn’t considering our baby. She shouldn’t take tension in this situation. Neeti says that she cares for her baby but Parineet is important to her. She is her childhood best friend. She isn’t able to leave her in such a state. Rajeev assures her to find her. Meanwhile, Neeti says to Rajeev that mom calling him.

Parineetii 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Gurinder demands Rajeev return home asap. He refuses to go back home without finding Parineet. She says to him that everything happened because of her fate. Rajeev says that the same fate made him search for her. She did so much for them but she isn’t understanding it. He won’t accept anyone talking bad about her. He leaves there. Later, Parineet wishes to contact the call center to take help.

Biji is creating issues in the home when everyone fails to find Parineet. She wishes to search for her. Monty comes there and informs her that Alahawat’s men kidnapped Parineet. Later, Parineet calls the call center to take help. She narrated her situation to her but she refuses to help her. Parineet cries thinking about her fate.

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