Parineetii 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Parineet informing Rajeev that goons coming near them. Rajeev tells her he seems like a local person. Rajeev requests the old man to save them. He misunderstands that they eloped from home. Parineet says that Rajeev is her husband. Few goons are chasing them behind. She requests him to save them.

Rajeev stares at Parineet emotionally when she mentioned him as her husband. The old man assures to help them. Goon informs Leo that they would have left Chandigarh. Let’s search for them there. Leo slaps him in anger. The old man takes Parineet and Rajeev to his house. He says to Parineet that his leg is bleeding. It’s a danger to his life. Parineet worries about him.

Parineetii 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajeev asks her to call Monty for help. Parineet calls Monty and informs him that they are hiding in one old man’s house. Monty shares with Neeti that Rajeev is calling him. After a few minutes, their call disconnected due to a poor signal. Leo finds the old man’s house and inquires him about Parineet. Parineet and Rajeev are feared to get caught. Leo offers money to the old man. Rajeev thinks that he will leak information about them to Leo.

Neeti says that his phone isn’t reaching. He is disconnecting her call. We want to do something. Monty tells her that police also searching for them. Neeti says that she isn’t able to sit quietly. Meanwhile, Leo gives money to that old man. He inquires the old man where are they. The old man demands extra money from him. Leo says that he will pay extra money if he gives the correct information to him. Parineet prays to god to help them.

Rajeev thinks that he loves Neeti but he isn’t able to leave Parineet in this situation. The old man lies to Leo that they left. He gives the wrong direction to them. Leo asks him how will he believe him. He says their dress colors to them. Leo says that he said the correct information and leaves to search for them. Parineet thank the old man for helping him.

He says that he brought the money from them to divert them. What he will do with this money at this age? If he saves a husband and wife like them he will get inner peace. This world is filled with betrayal. It’s rare to find such a husband and wife. Parineet stares at Rajeev emotionally. The old man gives money to Parineet but she returns it to him. He gives milk to Parineet. She makes Rajeev drink it. He feels dizzy there.

The old man says to Parineet that he is in the worst situation. He needs immediate treatment. She asks him where will she find a doctor in this forest. He says to her that the hospital is near them. Parineet is ready to go to bring a doctor. But Rajeev stops her reasoning goons are searching for her. They are dangerous people. Parineet tells him that she cares about his health now. Both are adamant in their decisions.

Parineet swears on Neeti’s name to stop him. Parineet is adamant to go out to bring a doctor. Rajeev gives his phone to her and demands she calls Monty if she needs any help. Parineet nods with him. He asks her to be careful. Alahawat scolds Rakesh for creating problems in his party. Rakesh demands he goes back to Chandigarh and takes care of his party. Rakesh complained that he doesn’t love anyone. That is why he doesn’t understand his situation.

Rakesh says that he loved his party more than his son. His mom says that she accepts that he loves his party. But he worries for him that is why he saved him today. Or else he would have ended up in jail. Rakesh says that he isn’t a good father and husband. Party is important to him. Alahawat badmouthing about Parineet.

Parineetii 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rakesh warns him to stop taking her name. Alahawat says that he build this beautiful world for him but he was behind a girl. Alahawat says that he was behind a girl who doesn’t care about him. She is with her husband. Both are arguing with each other over this issue.

Parineet hides after seeing a car. She notices a few guys are there. Parineet informs them that her husband met with an accident. She wants to take him to the hospital. They give a lift to her but she denies it. They advised her to leave this place asap it’s not a safe place to roam around. She prays for Rajeev’s safety.

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